Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls
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Code: 15898/1A7 White /2E4 Yellow / truvis 2M9/10/11

NOW AVAILABLE - Limited Edition 'Europe' and 'Stars & Stripes' Chrome Soft Truvis golf balls (only while stocks last).

Callaway Chrome Soft: Building on the reputation of the Chrome Soft this latest edition of the iconic ball delivers even more. Tour-proven, the new ball will enhance performance, bring distance gains, promote greater feel and bring more forgiveness.

Faster ball speeds and lower spin off the driver has been achieved via a new Graphene-infused dual softcore, this larger core takes full advantage of the compressed force at impact to deliver higher launch, lower driver spin and reel in the distance.

The dual-core design will deliver with longer irons, more distance, control with the mid-iron section and enhanced greenside control with shorter irons. A Soft Urethane cover delivers unparalleled feel and short game spin with positive feedback from the putter.

The New Edition Callaway Chrome Soft is still available in all your old favourite colours and designs and this highly workable ball will deliver straight ball flights with reduced spin from your Driver, softer feel and more forgiveness than previously experienced.

  • 12 Ball pack.
  • Tour-proven.
  • Graphene-Infused.
  • Dual-Core Design.
  • Soft Urethane cover.
  • Lower Driver Spin.
  • Softer-Feel.

Chrome Soft Truvis: Producing exceptional distance and improved control around the green. A 4-piece golf ball designed for maximum visibility with its Truvis pattern. Featuring a dual soft fast core that offers an incredible soft feel. With HEX Aerodynamics provides improved ball flight with a 332 dimple HEX pattern.

  • 12 Ball pack.
  • High Visibility Truvis Pattern.
  • Dual Soft Fast Core.
  • HEX Aerodynamics.
  • Tour Urethane Cover.
  • Incredible Soft Feel.
  • 4-Piece Construction.

Callaway Clothing Mens Size Chart

Small (8)7-950-5523-24 1/2Small (8)24-2561-63.524 1/2 - 25 1/262- 64.5
Medium (10/12)10-1255-5924-26 1/2Medium (10/12)25-2663.5-6626 1/2 - 27 1/267- 69.5
Large (14/16)13-1459-6326-28 1/2Large (14/16)26 1/2 - 27 1/267- 69.7528 1/2 - 29 1/272- 74.5
X-Large (18/20)14-1663-6828-30 1/2X-Large (18/20)28-2971-73.530 1/2 - 31 1/277- 80