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Titleist TS Price Promise Launch Promotion

Pre-order your TS driver or fairway between now & September 28th 2018 and Golfsupport will guarantee the best price against any authorised UK online retailer up until the end of October 2018. Please email [email protected] with a link to where the item is cheaper and we will issue a credit note for the difference. 

Maxi Batteries Direct Recommendations

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries: Do’s & Dont’s

Our battery should run for at least 500 cycles, unlike some of our competitors that only run in the region of 300 cycles. This will only apply if you follow the below recommendations:

Please ensure that the strap or protector bag is fitted correctly prior to lifting.

  • The battery is supplied 80-90% charged, charge fully, jack up the wheels and run at half speed for half an hour (30 minutes), re-charge and repeat, then fully charge again. It will be then be ready to use. This is not applicable for Hillbilly trolleys as they cut off after a few minutes, so fully charge and use.
    • Your battery will take approximately 9 rounds to run at its optimum performance.
    • Use only chargers designed for golf trolley equipment, not car types as these will not charge to the required voltage level.
    • A charger over 5 years old and regularly used will not provide a consistent or adequate charge.
    • Always keep your battery charged, do not fully discharge the battery as this may cause permanent damage.
    • Try to use the battery regularly as storage/non-use will affect the battery life.
    • Store at room temperature, not in extreme conditions, either hot, cold or wet/damp.
    • Treat your battery with respect; do not short in any way.
    • Ensure that your trolley is kept in good condition; any undue load on the battery reduces its life. (I.e. Worn motor brushes and a build-up of carbon deposits within the motor housing) do not run the battery for more than the recommended number of holes.
    • When using torberry connectors please ensure that the red from your trolley is connected to the red from the battery and the same for the black terminals. Connecting red to black WILL damage your trolley.
    • Un-used batteries do loose efficiency, we recommend that you re-charge (as per the running-in procedure) at
    least once a month.
    • The battery should be re-charged after every use, regardless of the number of holes played.
  • Charging

    VRLA batteries require a charging rate of 14.7 volts, reducing to 13.9 volts to complete its charge.
    GEL type batteries require a charging rate of 13.9 volts throughout its charge.

    Please ensure that your connect black to the negative (-) and the red to the positive (+).

    Do not leave a battery connected to a charger with the power switched off. The battery MUST be disconnected from the charger or it will fully dis-charge the battery.

    We recommend charging when returning from the course. When fully charged disconnect the battery from the charger and top-up the charge before you are due to play again. Leaving a battery on charge all the time can cause damage if the charger develops a fault and keeps charging. Electric storms and power cuts can also affect the performance of the charger.


    Golfsupport vouchers

              Golfsupport vouchers have a validity of 6 months from the date of purchase and can be used both on-line and in our Mansfield based superstore. Other promotional vouchers may have a reduced lifetime and are advised on the voucher.

    Naked Wines Vouchers

    All online orders with delivery addresses with the UK will receive a Naked Wines promotional voucher.We reserve the right to remove this promotion at any time.

    Promo/Promotional Vouchers

              Promotional vouchers have a validity of 60 days from date of issue and can only be used when spending over £50. They can be used both on-line and in our Mansfield based superstore

    Acceptance of Order

    We are not a " Live Stock" site. This means that we may accept your order for items we may not have in stock and have to order direct from supplier. This may slow your order down by a matter of days. You will be notified of such delays within our automated order update emails. If items are time sensitive we welcome a call on 01623 421965 so we can assess your order and react in a timely manner. 

    The acceptance of an order occurs at Golfsupport at the point of dispatch of goods and not before. The price may change prior to this point. By accepting an order you are agreeing to allow us to pass on your personal information which is required in order to ship your items by our varied couriers.

    Cooling off period

    You need to tell the seller you don’t want the item within 14 days of receiving it. Once you’ve told the seller, you’ve got another 14 days to actually send the item back. 

    Free item promotions

    Loyalty Points

    Delivery Conditions

    Items Returned from outside of the EU, Norway or Switzerland

    Lithium Batteries

    Lithium batteries are classed as dangerous goods during transportation. It is with regret we can no longer ship or collect such items with our couriers. We do allow orders however these are supplied direct from Manufacturer. Incorrectly ordered items cannot be collected due to the transit restrictions explained above. It will be therefore the customers responsibility at all times to handle the re-shipping of any such items.

    Promotional Vouchers

    Promotional vouchers will advise end date and this cannot be extended. 

    Delivery acceptance

    Parcels shipped via courier will require a signature from the purchaser. we do not endorse " leave with neighbour" or "leave in a safe place". If you choose to use any of the mentioned methods rather than a personal signature we do accept any responsibility for potential losses. By requesting this method of delivery you as the purchaser are taking full responsibility should losses be incurred.

    Returns Address-

    You should retain any proof of posting, receipt and tracking number for the item returned as we are unable to accept responsibility until a member of our staff has signed for receipt of the item.

    Golfsupport (Returns Department)

    Corner House

    Union Street



    NG18 1RP

    Custom Products

    Custom made items including golf clubs, shoes and logo merchandise are made to your individual specifications. Once we have received your order we will forward this to the appropriate manufacturer. They will then give us an estimated due date which you will be notified of via email. Once any custom fit order is received the order is placed with our suppliers, the customer has no legal right to cancellation. At our discretion, we may consider if goods are able to be re sold after cancellation, however this would incur a 20% re stocking fee.. Orders already shipped and cancelled will incur a 20% restocking fee plus double the cost of carriage to your destination, regardless if you have been charged for carriage or not 

    Crested Items 

    Golfsupport will retain ownership at all times of approved artwork for crested items.

    Exchange/Refunds/Credit notes.

    Goods becoming faulty within 30 days of purchase are entitled to a full refund. 

    We have the right to repair or replace beyond this point. This means that should an item be deemed faulty by a manufacturer within warranty period then Golfsupport may repair or replace. Should an item not be available for direct replacement Golfsupport may offer an alternative. Should an alternative not be applicable then at all times Golfsupport will offer a Credit Note with a 2 month validity.

    Should a credit be your chosen option the credit value may be pro rata to the lifetime of the warranty. As an example a  product with a 12 month warranty deemed faulty after 11 months may received 1/12 of the value in the form of a credit note.

    The warranty term of a replacement item commences from the date of the initial ordered item and NOT the replacement.

    No refund would be issued after a 30 day period.

    For a complete guide to the Golfsupport Returns Policy please CLICK HERE

    Items lost in Transit

    An item potentially lost in transit will be replaced or refunded but only after the following:

    The courier has performed its investigation internally and confirmed the item is lost. This time frame may vary between couriers and is out of the control of Golfsupport.

    Upon confirmation of loss we will contact the customer and offer either a replacement or refund.

    Golfsupport After Sales Care Team

    If you have any questions regarding terms of sale please email: [email protected]
    Should you require advice about an intended purchase, please telephone 01623 421965 and talk to one of our Professional Team.

    Corner House
    Union Street
    NG18 1RP

    Stock Visibility

    80% of our orders are serviced direct from our warehouse and leave the same day. we do however accept orders for items that we may not hold in stock. These are ordered direct from supplier and may slow an order down by a few days. we manage your expectations with an order update which will advise the due dates of such items. Please read these emails to ensure the time frames are acceptable. We have operated in this manner for 20 years and have highlighted vast benefits to you as a customer vrs only offering live stock. To understand some of the benefits please read our FAQs here

    Posting public reviews at Golfsupport

    Should you chose to leave a negative review on any public forum you agree to allow Golfsupport to contact you via email or phone in order to understand the reasoning behind such reviews. This will enable Golfsupport to maintain its high customer service.


    Please allow up to 14 days for your refund to be processed.

    Email: [email protected]

    Tel: 01623 421965
    From overseas: +441623 421965

    Weekdays schedule for telephones as follows:

    10am - 12.30, 1.30 - 17.30

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    9am -11am, 1pm - 17.30

    Sundays - closed

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