Why Use Price Beat +? its a Win Win

This is an after sales guarantee for 7 days. If you are yet to purchase then give us a call and we will amend our prices to match the price you have found. This guarantees best prices in advance and you will still earn a further 2% loyalty points.

Here at Golfsupport we are trying to create a buying environment for our customer that allows them to buy today with the confidence that they are getting the best deal available. There is nothing worse than hunting around the net trying to find the best price, buying it and turning up for the Saturday four ball to be told "Very nice but you should have gone to such and such. They are selling them £20 cheaper". Your playing partners mean well but it still tarnishes that wonderful feeling of using new equipment for the first time.

Wouldn’t it be nice to say “It doesn’t matter I bought it from Golfsupport. All I need do is email them with the details and they will not only credit me with the difference but they will add 10% to it”. Well you can !

Buy from us and if you see or hear of any other retailer selling the same item cheaper we will not only credit you with the difference but we will add a further 10%, not only guaranteeing you the best price but allowing you to buy today with confidence. 

Price Beat+ Promise

Many of our products will offer you the chance to purchase a special offer "add on". Should you select the "% saving off your next purchase" then please note that this will carry a 2 months termination deadline.

As we have a surcharge of just £25 for our in store expert custom fit service, our Price beat + promise will be at the discretion of the manager.