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Srixon Custom Fit

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Srixon golf clubs are incredibly popular among professional and amateur golfers alike. The reason for this lies in the unmatched performance offered by these clubs, which helps players improve their game.

By custom fitting a Srixon golf club with GolfSupport, we can optimise your each club in the bag according to your individual strengths and weaknesses, resulting in better accuracy, distance and scores on the course. Our custom fitting experience uses the latest Trackman 4 launch monitor technology which produces data that our PGA professionals can turn into tangible results for every golfer.

Since the 2007 merger with golf giant ClevelandSrixon has become a principal brand in the golf world. No surprise then that Major winners Hideki Matsuyama, Shane Lowry and Keegan Bradley use Srixon golf clubs.


Srixon drivers allow golfers to optimise their performance on the course through a custom fitting experience. These drivers come with adjustable features such as loft, lie angle, alongside a moveable weight found in the clubhead to ensure that each golfer's swing is accommodated.


Srixon fairway woods can be custom fitted to help golfers hit longer and more accurate shots. With plenty of adjustable features, these fairway woods are tailored to each individual golfer's needs from a lower spin ball from the tee to a high flighted, soft landing shot when attacking longer holes from the fairway.


Srixon has been making high-quality golf equipment for over 80 years and the Srixon irons are the flagship of their range. Designed to suit your individual needs and preferences rather than being a generic mass-produced iron, each Srixon iron to be created in our custom-fit studio combines the best loft, lie and shaft materials for every golfer’s swing.

Srixon ZX Mk II Range

The Srixon ZX Mk II Range is a premium line of golf clubs designed for the serious golfer who demands exceptional performance and feel. The ZX Mk II Driver features a compact, traditional shape with a carbon crown that enhances stability and forgiveness. It also features a Rebound Frame that flexes at impact to increase ball speed and distance. The driver is available in various lofts and shaft options to suit every golfer's swing.


The Trackman 4 Launch Monitor we use at the GolfSupport Fitting Centre takes precise readings of your ball flight at the most important point: at the club head impact and launch. These readings provide us with the critical performance indicators we need to customise your club in the most accurate way.

The Trackman 4 Simulator is a favourite of many professional golf brands. It’s also used by six out of ten PGA pros. Of the golfers who use a Trackman 4 Simulator during custom fitting, 92% find that there are immediate improvements in their game.


What our customers say

I’ve always been a bit of a Srixon and Cleveland fan but have never had my clubs customised before so wasn’t sure what to expect. The experience was great. I’d take a shot, Shaun would look at the results, hand me a club with a different setting and there’d be an instant improvement. By the time we’d looked at all the options, I was a different golfer. Amazing.

Gill Duffy, Alfreton

My mate got new clubs and suddenly started beating me. Took him months to tell me he’d had them custom fit at Golfsupport. I decided to join him and get fitted myself. Pleased to say I’m winning again.

Paul McNamara, Dronfield

Custom fitted clubs have made a huge difference to my game. I knew Srixons were good but custom fitted they are a different beast completely. Won’t be buying off the rack anymore. Highly recommend Golfsupport custom fitting. Did a great job.

Nick Rose, Mansfield

Is it time to power up your performance?

Call Golfsupport on 0844 324 6766 and book a Srixon custom fitting today. 

Cost of this service is £50, the price is then reduced to £30 if you purchase the club from us.