Oakley CASTEL Golf Sunglasses

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Oakley have revisited the high wrap frame with these new Castel Golf Sunglasses, a shield design with a more relaxed silhouette than its predecessors. We've tried these on and they look sublime and give the high of fashion. There are 3 colours to choose from with the new Castel sunglasses, Black ink, Rootbeer or Matte black.

The black ink with Prizm Grey lenses give 17% light transmission. Ideal for extreme light conditions. The Rootbeer frame is a striking colour and come with Prizm Bronze lenses. The Matte Black come with Prizm black lenses that are polarised. Polarised lenses alleviate eye strain, so if you find yourself squinting a lot, even when wearing sunglasses, then consider investing in polarised sunglasses. Polarised sunglasses also reduce glare from light-reflecting surfaces such as water, glass or snow.

The Castel features an O-Matter™ frame, giving lightweight durability and a three-point fit design that feels comfortable every time you put them on. Oakley’s Prizm™ lenses are just incredible, giving enhanced colour and contrast so you can see in greater detail. Prizm™ lenses increase depth perception (ideal for golf) and highlight features (again ideal for golf) Tuned to create a more vivid and vibrant look to everything you see. The world-famous Oakley icons stand proud on both sides.

  • Choice of lenses depending on frame colour.
  • Purpose-built for multiple sports.
  • O-Matter™ frame, lightweight & durable.
  • Oakley’s propitiatory Prizm™ lenses.
  • Increased colour & contrast.
  • Non-slip Unobtainium earsocks.
  • Frame colours: black ink, rootbeer or matte black.
  • Standard fit.
  • Come with a soft protective bag.
  • 2-Year manufacturer's warranty.

Oakley CASTEL Golf Sunglasses Specifications

Product Code:Black Ink:     OO9147-0163
Rootbeer:     OO9147-0363
Matte Black: OO9147-0863