G-Rip Fl1 Oversize Buddy Putter Grip

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This new G-Rip FL1 Oversize Buddy Putter grip benefits from all the attributes you could wish for in a putter grip. A unique putter grip with an innovative triangular shape to provide golfers with the correct hand position every time. The perfect grip for that repeatable stroke we all yearn for. The performance comes from the lightweight EVA under-listing and microfibre cover with hundreds of tiny silicone buds covering the surface. These tiny buds create a nice comfortable point of contact with the hands to give exceptional feedback. Oversize putter grips lessen wrist impact through the stroke, also reducing twitchy wrists and getting too handsy or wobbly with your putting stroke, helping immensely with putting accuracy.

The FL1 has been designed with moisture-repelling qualities to give perfect playability in all weather conditions. The grip displays the G-Rip logo in white to stand out proudly. The FL1 comes in many colours to cater for all tastes, be it plain black or blue or a more stand out orange, red or green colour. Whether you're a scratch golfer or a 28 handicapper, this innovative FL1 Oversize Buddy Putter grip will, without doubt, improve your stroke count on the putting greens.

G-Rip recommends replacing your putter grip every 18 to 24 months with a casual 3 to 4 times a month use.

  • Oversize for a firm, stable hold.
  • Unique triangular shape for consistency.
  • Lightweight EVA under-listing.
  • Microfibre surface with silicone buds.
  • Moisture-repelling material.
  • Effective all-weather playability.
  • Choice of 5 colours.

G-Rip Fl1 Oversize Buddy Putter Grip Specifications

Grip Size:Oversize
Product Code:GRFL1