Liveview Pro 2

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Code: 32550 / 2G12

Capture every last detail with this all-new and amazing Liveview Pro 2. This lightweight and compact unit is so easy to operate and is jam-packed with features to let you get on with practising instead of mind-boggling tech stuff. This astonishing unit will record every last detail with 120 frames per second (FPS) PURLNK and 720P HD Video. With powerful lossless video capture, there will be no frame skips whatsoever. This happens even in noisy and congested WiFi or RF environments. PURLNK solves any frame skipping issues caused by WiFi and other RF (Radio Interference) for smoother and higher quality video. See every frame of your swing in immaculate detail. Improve faster and play better golf, your total pocket studio.

The FREE LiveView app records 2 seconds before and 2 seconds after ball impact to ensure all the swing sequences are captured in full. You can also do real-time swing overlays to match against previous swings, this will ensure you are doing a constant and repeatable swing for greater consistency. The instant slow-motion replay can be set so you can see what is happening during the full swing process.

Find out for yourself if you are hitting the ball with the face slightly open or closed, or applying the correct body posture, swing arc and follow through, plus many more important swing traits. As we all know if you want to become a better golfer the mechanics and fundamentals need to be worked on for repeatable and consistent results. It also records great quality audio so you know when you have flushed on out the sweet spot or had a ropey contact from the toe or heel of the club.

It features a visual swing trigger so it won’t pick up other golfers around you at the driving range and other practice facilities. The wireless operation will be a godsend for the golfer with limited time and is compatible with Android, Ios (iPhone, iPad and other Apple mobile devices) and Amazon Kindle. Ultra-compact and weighing just 85grams to fit into your pocket.

This unit is A.1 based and has G.P.S and tracking performance. LV-AI can see your swings and records automatically, LV-AI is also reliable and prevents false triggers of background noise and other players' swings. AI-Trigger even works without hitting a ball, which will be helpful to many players. This advanced AI engine can break down and play back key parts of the swing in slow motion so you can scrutinise every swing in fine detail. It has a 2-hour battery life and fully replaceable batteries. It comes in a classy black/red colour scheme.

Until this ingenious LiveView Pro 2 unit, live video feedback needed PC desktops and expensive cameras with complicated wiring, all potentially difficult to set up and maintain. This is the answer to all your problems and if you’re not tech savvy this is the perfect option. If you are serious about improving your golf swing this new 2022 LiveView Pro 2 will be the ticket to success. Highly recommended.

  • GPS & Performance tracking.
  • Wireless simplicity.
  • AI-Based swing tracking.
  • 720P high detail HD Video.
  • 120 Frames per second.
  • Wireless operation.
  • Lossless video capture.
  • Real-time swing overlays.
  • High-quality audio record.
  • Visual swing trigger start.
  • Ultra-compact unit (85grams)
  • Compatible with Android, Ios (iPhone, iPad and other Apple mobile devices) and Amazon Kindle.
  • Classy black/red colour scheme.
  • 2-Hour battery life (Replaceable)
  • FREE app download.
  • Full manufacturer warranty. 

Liveview Pro 2 Specifications

Product Code:PASTLVP2