Gripit Rite By Brunton Golf Grips

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Grip It Rite


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It’s a fact that 90% of amateur golfers don’t grip the club right, leading to inconsistent striking and inconsistent scores. What if you can place a grip on your many clubs that allows the perfect grip on every shot? Well, now you can! This Gripit Rite by Brunton Golf Grips develops the most important fundamental – the grip. This innovative grip will check, correct and reinforce a correct grip every time. It will develop skill and most importantly confidence to go and hit that desirable shot. 

Developed by Canadian and master teacher Henry Brunton, one of the most recognisable names in Canadian golf. Canada’s only Golf Magazine top 100 teachers. One of the world's leading coaches and educators no less. 

Use it on all your clubs or purchase several to save time swapping out. The grip is easy on/off and feels great in the hands. You can take it to the range or use it in play if you so wish. Remember, if you get the grip right, everything else will follow. A must for the beginner or ever-improving golfer.

  • Precision finger & hand placement.
  • Use it for practice and play.
  • Leads to longer and straighter shots.
  • Instil confidence in your strikes.
  • Easy on/off fitting.
  • Excellent feel.
  • Green – Junior right handed.
  • Blue – men’s right handed. 
  • Fits all standard size grips. 
  • Grip not included

Gripit Rite Golf Grip Specifications

Brand:Gripit Rite
Product Code:HGB2000