G-Rip .865 Big Butt Grip

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The G-Rip .865 Big Butt Grip is a specialist design to fit bigger diameter shafts that are on today's market. With all the benefits of the G-Rip rubber grip, the Big Butt grip has a .865 core size to cater for shafts like the TaylorMade Bubble shafts and Yonex big butt shaft, also fitting many other larger diameter shafts now on the market. The desirable design is easy on the eye with the black colour also adding to the attraction. Performance, quality and looks for larger diameter shafts. Ready to purchase online here at Golfsupport.com.

  • Specialist design to fit bigger diameter shafts.
  • .865 Diameter.
  • High-quality rubber grip.
  • Easy on the eye design.
  • Colour: black.

G-Rip .865 Big Butt Grip Specifications

Grip Size:Midsize
Product Code:GRBB