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A Guide to Men's Golf Fashion

English golf pro Andrew “Beef” Johnston is a man of many trademarks, the finest of which happens to be his full - and deeply unapologetic - beard. In fact, in an article from ‘Golf Digest’ Johnston himself proclaimed: “I LOVE MY BEARD and have had it most of my adult life.” However, after erupting onto the golf scene following his first European Tour win last year, many were quick to comment that they felt his hairy appearance to be “bad” for the sport, its esteemed reputation, and golf fashion in general.

It seems like a storm in a teacup. After all, what has facial hair got to do with talent? But the reality is that nowadays men are perhaps made to feel much more aware of their appearance, particularly within the world of sport and, just like mainstream fashion, there will always be criticism. With this in mind, try following the golf fashion tips and tricks below to ensure you don’t suffer the same fate on the green. You may not walk off a champion like Johnston, but at least you’ll look good enough in your golf clothes to ward off critique.

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Know Your Body Type

As with any fashion-conscious occasion, dress not only to impress but to flatter your figure too. Work with what suits you. If you suffer with your weight, why not try matching your belt to the colour of your chosen golf trouser or top as this will help to minimise your mid-section. Don’t complicate your look with too much contrast because this will highlight your ‘problem areas’ and remember, darker colours are far more flattering, so opt for a safe navy blue or black classic golf trouser and mix it with some vibrant golfing accessories for fun.

Check Your Fit

There’s no point in wearing great golf clothing if it doesn’t fit right - so ensure every garment from top to toe is tailored to perfection. The best golf polo shirt will work well on top and will provide both comfort and a classic elegance. However, if you decide to throw on a jumper, be sure to tuck in the collar to maintain a clean image. In terms of your bottom half, tapered trouser legs should kiss the top of golf shoes and shorts (if desired) should fall no higher than the knee – and no lower either. Remember, keep it trim, over-sized clothing will not allow for ease of swing and may hinder your game. As a matter of fact, brands like Galvin Green and Nike Golf can provide products of both great fit and style.

Try to Match

The best golfing attire is all about fluidity and matching garments either by pattern or tone. Forget the novice match up of shoe to belt. In terms of fashionable golf clothing, the entire look needs to blend as one. Pattern on pattern can work but try to keep it connected and, if you choose to go bold with trousers or khaki slacks, tone it down on top. Don't forget that you can also match your golfing gear when you get it personalised! The same can be said for colour choice. For example, if you opt for a striking red jumper, why not try adding bright white accessories like the ultimate golf essential: a polo golf T shirt and even a matching golf shoe. This will ensure your finalised outfit doesn't detract from your swing! Likewise, you don’t always have to opt for bold, statement looks - a neutral palette can work just as well if done with a little panache.

bright-wool-jumper golf fashion galvin neutral pattern

Golf Fashion Tips: What to Avoid

Try to avoid leaving your shirt loose and untucked, as this will look sloppy and unprofessional. In fact, many private golf clubs do not operate a casual dress code and resolutely won’t tolerate items like cargo shorts, vests or shirts with no collar - so, it’s best to avoid these altogether. If you can, try to finish your look with a belt as this will help you to look more polished and professional on the green! Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of a patterned golf sock or vibrant glove – good golf accessories can make or break an outfit.

golf-leather-belt golf-pattern-sock

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Feature image credit: dotshock/Shutterstock