PXG 0311T Gen4 Graphite Irons

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The PXG 0311 Gen4 T Graphite shafted Irons provide outstanding workability with the shorter blade length, narrower sole and minimal offset. The 'T' stands for Tour and is designed for lower handicap players who like the look of a smaller iron head with less offset.

This Tour-inspired shaping makes it easier to control the clubface at impact with the ball. Butter-soft feel and explosive both at the same time give an unforgettable hitting experience. The 0311 Gen4 T Graphite shafted Irons incorporate the most advanced technology from PXG to date. These 5x Forged irons are the perfect choice for players looking for maximum workability and forgiveness in a blade-style head shape. 5x forged from 8620 soft carbon steel, this creates a tight grain structure and also a distinctive sound and feel. The 8620 carbon steel is super strong and durable which will prolong the life of the grooves.

Graphite shafts as we know look amazing and provide advantages in speed over their steel counterparts. The graphite material is lighter to give faster swing speeds and in turn yield greater distances. The black shafts and Xtreme dark finish look really nice. Graphite shafts are especially beneficial for senior golfers and players who are looking for yardage gains.

The ultra-thin face is made possible by the use of high-strength HT1170 maraging steel and measures just 0.058'' inch (1.55mm) in total thickness. This is the thinnest face in golf right now. Combined with proprietary XCOR Technology, this gives unbeatable forgiveness and the highest C.O.R (Coefficient Of Restitution) ever by PXG. C.O.R is a measure of the initial velocity between two objects after their collision in layman's terms. XCOR Technology is the result of a multi-year research and development programme. XCOR was created specifically for PXG's iron range, the proprietary polymer material is staggering in terms of soft feel. Highly compressible to give more face movement and a gigantic sweet spot.

The large black weight in the back of the head can be removed during a fitting and adjusted in 2-gram increments to experience differing head weights and to optimise personal performance. This weight is recommended not to be adjusted after purchasing the irons. The milled back surface in every iron is high precision, this reduces the wall thickness of the club, creating a high-performance body design that is aesthetically stunning.

Soft feel, explosive impact and compact player preferred shaping for maximum workability and forgiveness in every iron. Not only red hot performance at a great price but also 5-Star customer service that is 100% dedicated to total satisfaction.

  • Graphite shaft iron set.
  • 5x Forged process.
  • Tour-inspired design.
  • PXG's most advanced technology.
  • Compact player preferred shaping.
  • Outstanding workability.
  • Exceptional forgiveness.
  • Soft & explosive feel.
  • Proprietary XCOR Technology.
  • Adjustable head weighting.
  • PXG 0311T Gen 4 Graphite Iron Specifications

    Head Material:Forged Steel
    Head Type:Hollow Cavity Back
    Iron Size:Tour Size
    Iron Construction:Hollow Back Maraging Steel
    Face:Maraging Steel
    Shaft Type:Graphite
    Warranty:1 Year