Ping G430 Graphite Irons

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The Ping G430 Irons are the latest edition to the unrivaled G Series. Since 2003, the G irons have been known around the golfing world, and have had unbelievable success. It's very rare to not see at least one set of G irons when you're out on the course! This year's iteration boasts an even thinner face than last time, for a lower CG to get faster ball speeds. Ping quote these irons gain over 2mph in ball speed and between 7-10 yards more distance in their tests. If you're after a forgiving, long-hitting iron, look no further.

As always with Ping, these irons come with a range of custom fit options, as one of the custom fit pioneers, they always encourage getting measured up so the irons can match you perfectly. And with the extensive range of shafts, lies, lengths, and so on, there will be an ideal setup for you. At address, these clubs look great, the hosel has been shortened, which not only makes them look cleaner but lowers the CG helping to increase ball speeds. The Chrome finish not only looks beautiful, but is also functional with the hydropearl finish.

The Hydropearl finish helps to add more consistency in wet conditions. When water gets on the face of the club, it can stop the ball reacting with the grooves as it normally would. This signature Ping finish helps to keep water off the club, and in turn, give you much more confidence that your ball will be flying the distance you want it to. 

Ping's Purflex technology gives the irons 7 flex zones, allowing for more free bending and flexion in the club face. This will aid mishits, keeping the ball speeds high all over the face, as well as giving them a solid and crisp sound. The soles also add to the forgiveness in the G430's. Around 1 degree of bounce has been added, ensuring cleaner shots, even on heavy strikes. The reduction in heavy strikes will aid in keeping the ball in the air for longer and help avoid those shots that miss short.

As mentioned, the faces are even faster than before. This is in part due to the Hyper 17-4 Stainless Steel which adds strength to the face of the club. It also helps to add height, making sure your shots come down softer and hold the green better than previous models. With this added distance, Ping have custom engineered the lofts for the set. This will help provide much better gapping and give you consistent yardage as you go up the bag. They also boast 3 versions of loft, Standard, Retro and Power. These options will give you the best chance of finding the perfect set for you.

  • Hydropearl Finish
  • Purflex Technology
  • 2+ MPH Faster Face
  • Forgiving Sole
  • Engineered Gapping
  • 3 Choices Of Loft
  •  Lots Of Custom Options