Mizuno Pro 223 Graphite Irons

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If you are looking for a set of new irons with Tour-inspired blade looks but with extra distance then continue to read on. Mizuno has just released the new 223 Graphite shafted irons that are designed and crafted for the accomplished golfer. The 223 Graphite Iron set sits between the 221 and 225 model sets. This set combines the distinct feel of the 221 but with the playability of the forgiving 225. Designed for today's modern golfer and featuring the legendary Hiroshima grain-flow forging and soft copper underlay for that butter-like soft feel at impact. The gorgeous flowing lines and styling is typically Mizuno and why we love the elite brand.

The Graphite shafts look gorgeous and are more lightweight than their steel counterparts, adding speed and in turn extra distance. Especially advantageous for the player who has lost yards over the years for multiple reasons.

With the finest details being attended to, the all-new Pro 223 meets all the demands of Mizuno staff players with its preferred player shaping. The overall profile is more compact than its successful predecessor the MP-20 MMC, more notably in the scoring irons, a very appealing aesthetic is attained at the address position. This impressive set features two make-ups in essence, the 4 to 7 irons benefit from a forged Chromoly construction with the companies' propitiatory' Flow Microslot Technology to pack a punch in the distance numbers in those lower irons. These high-strength metals used enable the engineers to keep the face slightly thinner for added flex and ball speed at impact. Precise centre of gravity placement gives all the forgiveness needed, with shots struck low on the face still giving great launch and distance.

The shorter scoring irons use the purest 1025E carbon steel construction for a butter-like feel at impact. Combined with Mizuno's signature grain-flow forging HD process, this gives the impact sound that Mizuno are famous for. The CG (centre of gravity) is also progressively higher in the scoring irons (8 to PW) for higher spin and a lower and more controllable trajectory. Every iron in the set features precisely bevelled back edges, not only to accommodate the Microslots, but to also provide unmatched turf interaction for the ultimate striking experience. Built for distance but sized for Tour, the way only Mizuno know-how. A compact iron but not lacking in distance-boosting technology or forgiveness in any way.

  • One-piece grain flow forged HD.
  • The most rich tech MP ever released.
  • Graphite shafts.
  • Thin topline & minimal offset.
  • Soft copper underlay for the purest feel.
  • Forged Chromoly with Flow Microslot (4 to 7)
  • 1025E Mild carbon steel (8 to PW)
  • Precisely bevelled back edges.
  • Built for distance, sized for Tour.
  • Full custom options are available.

Take a look at this video of all three new Graphite Pro model's to help you choose the best looking for you, with three new iron models including the Pro 221, Pro 223 & Pro 225

Mizuno Pro 223 Graphite Iron Specifications 

Head Material:Forged Steel
Head Type:Tour Cavity Back
Iron Size:Tour Size
Iron Construction:431 Stainless Steel
Face:Forged with Tungsten & Titanium
Shaft Type:Graphite
Warranty:1 Year