Mizuno Pro 221 Graphite Irons

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The Mizuno Pro 221 Graphite shafted irons are the newest addition to the Mizuno iron range and give all the looks and playability that we have come to love from Mizuno Golf. Always at the forefront of cutting edge technology, Mizuno have designed these new Pro 221 irons to perfection we think.

Built from a single billet of 1025E mild carbon steel in Hiroshima, Japan, the mass has been relocated from the heel and moved to the muscle pad of the clubhead, pairing this with the new copper underlay gives the distinctive feel/feedback and sound players love Mizuno for. The aesthetically pleasing blade design gives a graduated taper with each iron optimised with a fine-tuned sweet spot height and CG (centre of gravity) to give a penetrating ball flight consistent golfers love to see, this penetrating flight is found throughout the set.

The new flowing blade styling will impress for sure, the classy 'Mizuno Pro' script and 221 placed into the corner, and of course the iconic Runbird placed in the centre of the club. This set is made with graphite shafts, making the irons lighter in weight, easier to swing whilst delivering impressive clubhead speed, not to mention the gorgeous aesthetics they also provide.

The new taller pad positioned behind the hitting zone and copper underlay beneath the chrome/satin finish both enhance the feedback and consistency. This set is designed for faster swing speeds, and for players who rarely miss the middle of the clubface, if you do miss the sweet spot the drop-off in distance will be noticeable, but strikes hit flush will be met with satisfying pride. Looks and playability on another level!

  • 1025E mild carbon steel construction.
  • Graphite shafts.
  • Tour-proven narrow & cambered sole.
  • Thicker muscle behind the hitting zone.
  • Copper underlay for soft impact feel.
  • Fine-tuned sweet spot height.
  • Optimised centre of gravity.
  • Satin + chrome finish, reduced glare.
  • Full custom options.
  • 4-PW (7 irons) or 5-PW (6 irons)

Take a look at this video of all three new Graphite Pro model's to help you choose the best looking for you, with three new iron models including the Pro 221Pro 223 & Pro 225

Mizuno Pro 221 Graphite Iron Specifications

Head Material:Forged Steel
Head Size:Tour Size
Iron Back:Blade
Iron Construction:Forged
Face:1025E Carbon Steel
Shaft Type:Graphite
Warranty1 Year