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Srixon Q-STAR Tour Golf Balls: The all New Q-Star Tour from Srixon, this top-quality ball has an ultra soft feel (Srixon's Softest Golf Ball) – urethane cover and SPINSKIN technology. The Q-STAR Tour Golf Balls have been designed for golfers who are skilled at their craft and have a more moderate swing speed but still demand the feel and reliable performance of a tour-preferred ball. The Q-STAR Tour Golf Balls are a lower compression ball with a urethane cover and a 3 piece make-up. A FastLayer Core that has been utilised in the making of this ball so it offers top distance without sacrificing the soft feel of the ball. This is due to the ball going from a soft core to a firm cover, allowing both distance and feel.

The Spinskin coating creates exceptional spin and control around the greens and generates a ball with a soft feel off the putter, with the coating having the ability to dig into the face of irons and wedges when approaching the green. The dimple pattern incorporates 338 dimples and the design improves flight, offer more lift and less drag, keeping the ball in the air longer, adding to those extra yards off the tee. Srixon are always striving to improve the standard of golf ball technology and playability and that’s exactly what the Q-STAR Tour Golf Balls deliver, Control – Distance – Feel and Durability. The Q-STAR Tour Golf Balls cement the fact that Srixon are committed to delivering top-quality golf balls to all calibres of players whatever their level. Whether you’re a Tour Pro or 28 handicap club golfer Srixon has the ball for you.

  • SPINSKIN technology.
  • Softest Srixon Feel.
  • Enhanced Greenside Control.
  • Improved Distance and Trajectory.
  • FastLayer Core

Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Ball Specifications

Ball Type:3 Piece
Ball Colour:White & Yellow