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Voice Caddie T9 GPS Watch

Product Code: voice-caddie-t9-gps-watch
From £365.00
£369.00 SAVE: £4.00
From £365.00
£369.00 SAVE: £4.00
Voice Caddie T9 GPS Watch
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Key Features

  • Advanced and cutting-edge golf watch with full-color LCD touch screen
  • Fee-free and Bluetooth enabled for everyday use
  • Automatic golf course recognition with zoom in and zoom out function
  • 11-color green undulation view and shot/putt tracking
  • Shows putt elevation and yardage with long battery life
  • Over 40,000 pre-loaded courses and included recharging dock


Voice Caddie products have been reviewed by numerous top golf publications with glowing reviews at every turn. They make professional-grade launch monitors, watches, digital training aids and rangefinders for the avid golfer to game. Voice Caddie are now the official rangefinder of the LPGA (Ladies professional golf association) with a multi-year agreement now in place. Voice Caddie products provide extremely accurate information and data to golfers of all levels.

Newly released is the Voice Caddie T9 GPS Watch, a watch created exclusively for golf and with all-new features that can only be experienced on the T9. This is the 9th Edition of this watch and the most advanced and cutting-edge model available right now. It even gives Swing Tempo and Green Undulation! A real field score is provided with Shot & Putt tracking, automatically recognising and recording the shot and putt of the hole during the round.

Something golfers have yearned for is tempo mode in a GPS watch, well now it is here! You can now practice your swing tempo indoors or outdoors by setting the new target tempo mode. As we all know, tempo is key to consistent distance, so this will be welcomed with open arms. Three colour rings are displayed to show you if you are swinging at the set speed (Blue) or if you are faster than the set tempo (Red) or slower than the set value (Yellow) A simple method that can be seen instantly. This practice mode will help you find and master the swing tempo that suits your game.

When the round is in progress, the T9 shows the swing tempo of every shot or putt if you require it to do so. When the round is complete you can check the tempo of every tee shot taken from the scorecard in the MVC App (MyVoiceCaddie App) All manner of statistics can be taken from the app, including round statistics, scorecard, tracking and more, all the information a golfer needs. Every shot and putt is registered on the numbered outer ring of the screen, quite ingenious. The full-colour screen is clear and bright and importantly non-glare, the Reflective LCD is optimised for outdoor use in bright sunlight.

Voice Caddie's V.AI 3.0 gives the most vital information to golfers from the tee shot to final putts. The T9 is just ridiculously good, it automatically displays the course preview and when entering the fairway will zoom in and show the area around the green so you can avoid the places not to be.

When the golfer approaches certain distances from the green, the colour display will automatically change to green view and show distances to the front side of the green. It will also give the undulation around the pin so you can make a more informed decision on the lie of the land. When you reach the green the T9 will again automatically display the Putt View and show you both the undulation and distance to the flag, amazing. The watch uses 11 colour levels to distinguish the severity of the undulation, blue-low/red-high. A 21st-century GPS Watch for the serious golfer who wants it all. Born for golf. The term all-singing, all-dancing has never been more fitting. 

Active Green View (Improves accuracy)

V-Algorithm (Slope calculation)

Green Undulation (Indicated with heat map and arrows to show putt break direction)

Putt View (Shows putt elevation and distance to the pin)

Smart Green (Finger touch pin placement for added accuracy)

Course view (Distances to hazards/ bunkers and more)

  • Most advanced & cutting-edge watch to date.
  • 1.2'' Inch full-colour LCD touch screen.
  • Completely fee-free.
  • Bluetooth enabled.
  • Can be used as an everyday watch.
  • Automatic golf course recognition.
  • Zoom in & zoom out function.
  • 11-colour green undulation view.
  • Numbers around watch edge for shots/putts.
  • Shows putt elevation and yardage.
  • Battery life: 10 Days in watch mode/ 36 holes in golf mode.
  • Quick & simple re-charging dock supplied.
  • Fitness Mode: Steps/kcal/distance covered.
  • Re-charging dock included.
  • Over 40,000 pre-loaded courses.
  • Colour: black.