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Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedges - Tour Chrome

Product Code: titleist-vokey-sm10-wedges-tour-chrome
From £169.00
From £169.00
Custom Fit Available
Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedges - Tour Chrome
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Key Features

  • Designed for Lower Flight, Improved Feel and Maximum Spin
  • Doubled groove durability with heat treatment applied to impact area
  • Progressive shaping by loft and consistent profiles to inspire confidence in every player.
  • Maximum spin with Spin Milled ® Grooves
  • Optimized, Progressive CG to achieve precise distance and trajectory control
  • Available in 6 grinds including the new, T Grind
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The sleek Tour Chrome Titleist Vokey SM10 wedge is crafted for Lower Flight, Enhanced Feel, and Maximum Spin. Elevating your wedge game is all about three key elements: Shot Versatility, Distance and Trajectory Control, and Optimal Spin.

Upgrade your performance with newly designed Vokey Design SM10 wedges customised to your liking.

Ultimate Shot Versatility

Loft and distance is a great starting point for choosing a wedge or multiple wedges but go to the wedge selector to discover what grind and bounce will improve your own personal wedge play. Bounce and grind play a major part in how the ball is struck and shouldn't be underestimated.

Finding the best grind for your own personal swing is imperative if you are going to get the best turf interaction and contact possible. The SM10 offers a choice of 6 grinds including their newest design, the T Grind. 

Bob Vokey's Tour-Proven Wedge Grinds

Improved Flighting and Feel

Get lower, more attacking flight in a wedge that feels amazingly solid at impact with SM10. A precise shift in the center of gravity gives you even more control and stability for greater confidence over every shot. Featuring a new optimized, progressive CG to achieve precision in distance and trajectory control.

In the 46-52° models, the CG is lower for a better transition from the iron set and more consistent distance gapping. The CG is also pushed out closer to the center of the face, helping to eliminate excessive draw movement and provide a more solid feel. These also feature a smaller profile and a straighter leading edge to inspire confidence in players.

In lofts 54-62°, the CG is moved up and forward, which provides lower trajectory and a squarer face at impact. As well as a larger footprint and a more rounded leading edge for shot versatility.

SM10 Finish Options

Now available in Tour Chrome, All-New Nickel and Jet Black.

Maximum Spin - Spin Milled ® Grooves

Every SM10 groove is cut to the edge to maximize spin. Each Vokey wedge is 100% inspected for utmost quality and performance, and a localized heat treatment is applied to the impact area to double the durability of the grooves.

SM10 Specification

Club Loft Bounce Grind Length
Pitching Wedges 46° 10° F 35.75"
  48° 10° F 35.75"
Gap Wedges 50° F 35.50"
  50° 12° F 35.50"
  52° F 35.50"
  52° 12° F 35.50"
Sand Wedges 54° M 35.25"
  54° 10° S 35.25"
  54° 12° D 35.25"
  54° 14° F 35.25"
  56° M 35.25"
  56° 10° S 35.25"
  56° 12° D 35.25"
  56° 14° F 35.25"
Lob Wedges 58° T 35.00"
  58° M 35.00"
  58° 10° S 35.00"
  58° 12° D 35.00"
  58° 14° K 35.00"
  60° T 35.00"
  60° M 35.00"
  60° 10° S 35.00"
  60° 12° D 35.00"
  60° 14° K 35.00"
  62 M 35.00"

SM10 Shafts

True Temper Dynamic Gold

True Temper Dynamic Gold Shaft





S200 130g 1.6° Low


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