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PXG Battle Ready Mustang Plumbers Neck Putters

Product Code: pxg-battle-ready-mustang-plumbers-neck-putters
From £309.00
From £309.00
PXG Battle Ready Mustang Plumbers Neck Putters
From £309.00
Availability: In Stock
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Key Features

  • Blade with heel/toe ballasts
  • Exceptional consistency
  • Plumber's neck hosel
  • Ideal for players with minimal clubhead rotation
  • 100% milled bi-metal construction
  • High-density Tungsten rear weight
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The Mustang Battle Ready putter is named after the American long-range, single seat fighter used during World War II. The plumber's neck hosel will give the Mustang blade-style putter a mid-toe hang. This highly versatile neck that will suit both straight and slight arc putting strokes. Ideal for players with a mild amount of face rotation. With the most offset of all three types of hosel, the plumber's neck promotes hitting the ball later in the stroke, giving a more upward stroke on the ball for that end-over-end true roll.

The Battle Ready Mustang putter is a blade-style design with nicely styled and weighted heel/toe ballasts. These weighted ballasts increase stability and forgiveness and promote a silky smooth stroke to help you achieve greater consistency on the greens. A 100% bi-metal construction that consists of a 303 stainless steel and high-density tungsten rear weights. The outer wings, golf ball width cavity and high contrast single sight line give the Battle Ready Mustang putter a stellar look. The distinctive Pyramid Face Pattern gives a perfectly true roll every time, the optimised groove depth gives fantastic feel and initial velocity across the entire face. Pyramid Face technology is Tour-proven to give optimal launch from the face, ideal spin rates and skid distance. Distance control is also much easier to gauge.

Two removable weights in the sole of the putter allow for personal weighting feel. The optional PXG weight kit is available to buy during checkout. The kit will allow you to experiment with different weight set-ups and to find the weighting that best suits your own personal game.

The famous Darkness Insignia skull is sunk into the sole in two spots to signify Bob Parson's service with the 26th Regiment of the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam war.

  • Blade with heel/toe ballasts.
  • Exceptional consistency.
  • Plumber's neck hosel.
  • Ideal for players with minimal clubhead rotation.
  • 100% milled bi-metal construction.
  • High-density Tungsten rear weight.
  • Pyramid Face Pattern Technology.
  • Single white alignment line.
  • High moment of inertia.
  • Unmatched sound & feel.
  • 2 Adjustable sole weights.
  • PXG weight kit sold separately.