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Ping Glide 4.0 Wedges

Product Code: ping-glide-40-wedges
From £129.00
£160.00 SAVE: £31.00
From £129.00
£160.00 SAVE: £31.00
Ping Glide 4.0 Wedges
From £129.00
£160.00 SAVE: £31.00
Availability: In Stock
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Key Features

  • Precision-machined face and grooves
  • New textured emery face blast for spin and consistency
  • Multi-material blend with activated elastomer CTP insert for soft feel
  • Four different sole grinds to match personal angle of attack
  • Milled grooves optimize full shot and spin performance
  • Compact look with game-improvement technology and custom fit options
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The new Ping Glide 4.0 wedges are months in the making and come ready to improve your prowess in the short game arena. With a precision-machined face and grooves and a new textured emery face blast to give all that spin and consistency we all look for in high-end wedges. 

Manufactured from a multi-material blend, combining 8620 carbon steel in the body and with a larger and softer activated elastomer CTP insert that provides the player with a soft, responsive feel when the ball is struck. The larger insert gives an extra 36% face contact, that's a significant amount!. Matched with the new textured emery face blast you get a winning and trusty combination. The look at address is super inviting.

Four different sole grinds are designed to match your personal angle of attack and typical turf conditions ( S-W-T-E)

S Grind (Standard sole): Trail edge/heel relief. Ample bounce. More rounded leading edge. Great fit for most golfers.

W Grind (Wide sole): Traditional full sole design. Most forgiving grind through the turf. Rounded leading edge. Optimised for square-face shots and bunker escapes.

T Grind (Thin sole): High lead-edge bounce. Half-moon sole shaping. Increased centre bounce width.

E Grind (Eye 2): High toe. Improved lead-edge shaping. Dished sole and tapered hosel for great bunker performance.

The grooves in the lower lofted wedges (46°, 50°, 52°) are milled to a .005'' edge radius with a 20º sidewall to optimise full shot performance.

The higher-lofted versions (54°, 56°, 58° & 60°) are milled to a .004'' edge radius with a 28º sidewall to impart greater spin, especially closer around the greens where extra spin is vital.

The Glide 4.0 wedges blend a rounded, compact look with game-improvement technology built-in, which is the perfect blend for any club. The E Grind profile is inspired by the Ping Eye 2 of yesteryear, distinguished by the high toe design popularised by Karsten Solheim's iconic sand wedge from the early 1980s. It displays a blended hosel and dished sole design similar to the original Eye 2that was highly rated by all that gamed it back in the day.

The finish is gorgeous as you would expect from Ping, giving that soft sheen, non-glare look better golfers prefer. The grip is often overlooked but not in this Glide 4.0, the longer 11.5'' inch Lamkin Crossline 1150 grip is designed so you can grip down, allowing a full range of inventive chips. The reduced taper design promotes higher versatility and control. Ping's lightweight Z-Z115 creates a lower balance point for more clubhead feel and feedback. These are irresistible for short game improvement, a great choice for any level or ability. 

This is a custom fit wedge with a multitude of options from sole to grip. Get the perfect fit for your individual game today here at Golfsupport.

  • 8620 carbon steel body.
  • New textured emery face blast.
  • Precision-machined face and grooves.
  • 36% greater face contact.
  • Softer activated elastomer CTP insert.
  • Four different sole grinds ( S-W-T-E)
  • Compact look.
  • HydroPearl non-glare finish.
  • 1-year manufacturer guarantee.