Cobra F-Max Superlite Drivers
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Cobra F-Max Superlite Drivers

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£249.00 249 loyalty points worth £4.98

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Cobra's new F-max superlite drivers are just that – super light. The driver is 18 grams lighter than it's predecessor. The clubhead is 6 grams lighter, the shaft is 5 grams less and the grip is an incredible 7 grams less than before. This allows you to swing the club quicker but more smoothly than before, generating more clubhead speed so that the ball can go further.

The oversized clubhead, although lighter, maintains it's high MOI reading (Moment of Inertia). This means it retains it's resistance to twisting, remaining stable for more forgiving, consistent drives. The clubface itself has a variable thickness titanium insert which gives more distance from an off centre strike. There is a subtle alignment design on the crown of the clubhead which ensures the golfer can set up square to the target. The weight has been shifted lower and back towards the heel of the clubhead. This allows for a higher launch trajectory and also promotes a straighter ball flight.

The new superlite shaft is built for a more balanced and faster swing for the golfer that has a smoother tempo. This driver offers a choice of: an offset hosel, which promotes a draw or a straight neck hosel for those golfers who like a traditional look at address.

The club is fitted with a midsize Lamkin Rel 360 grip which, as stated, is 7 grams lighter than before. This grip has been made from a lighter, softer rubber compound which allows for more comfort and feel.

This driver is ideal for the golfer, both men and women, who swing the club smoothly. It can give those extra yards that have been missing to allow you to compete with your peers once more.

  • 18 grams lighter than predecessor
  • Made for those who swing smoothly
  • Variable thickness Titanium insert
  • Higher launch
  • Choice of hosel
  • Men - 9.5/10.5/11.5 (RH) & 10.5 (LH) degree available
  • Women – 11.5/15 degree available.