Callaway Rogue Drivers

Callaway Rogue Drivers
  • £429.00
  • £429.00

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Following on from the successful launch of Jailbreak technology in their Epic range of golf clubs, Callaway is now releasing the Rogue Driver featuring Jailbreak Technology and incorporating X-Face VFT technology to help produce even greater distance and ball speed than previous models. 

Jailbreak technology revolutionized the stability of the clubhead at impact, the jailbreak bars which are three gram of titanium that attach the crown to the sole to stiffen the body of the club and restrict this unwanted movement so more energy is transferred back to the ball for more efficiently and more ball speed across more area of the club face for Exceptional Ball Speed. 

Callaway Rogue Driver Featured Information

Callaway Rogue Driver with Jailbreak Technology

Callaway has continued their partnership with Boeing to introduce new boundary-layer geometry which helps reduce air resistance and generate additional clubhead speed. With a new larger than ever Triaxial Carbon composite crown Callaway has been able to save weight and distribute weight in other areas of the club which helps to increase the MOI of the club by using their lightest, strongest ever composite crown.

Callaway Rogue Boeing Aerodynamics

The Rogue Driver is available in 9, 10.5 and 13.5HT Degrees and comes fitted with Callaway's adjustable loft option shaft.  The Rogue is fitted as standard with a Project X Even Flow but you have a wide range of custom fitted shaft to suit your game. 

Callaway Rogue Breaking Through

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