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The world's best base layer for maximum heat and body warmth is here with the ZeroFit Heatrub Ultimate Mock Baselayer which has been ultimately designed and tested with different kinds of methods of use in mind. Whether your passion for its use is with golf, these are also perfect for working all day outside, meaning your investment can be used with so much more versatility.

With the implementation of technologically enhanced fibres inside the garment, these are specifically made active through your movement. The way it works is that the material gently brushes against your skin when generating heat instantly, to give you both maximum comfort and heat which is the perfect combination for winter golf. That isn't all, as the Ultimate also provides you with no restriction of movement at all, so despite its thick material to keep you warm, its acrylic and nylon material doesn't give you any restriction on your ability to move.

How does the Heatrub technology work exactly? Well, ZeroFit utilises what is called the ‘double-loop barrel fabric'. This accesses a clever mechanism that provides the user with both superb heat insulation and friction heating. With the extra-long bristles added too, this ensures a huge layer of warm air is retained around the neck and chest area, to which even the slightest of any sort of activity of these bristles causes the technology to occur both actively and quickly

The Heatrub Ultimate is stated as twice as warm as a standard jumper, but with its performance fabrics and properties, it makes it the better choice for activewear in cold weather or hard grafting work outside. Buy one now and see for yourself how this has become the world's best and most favoured baselayer on the market. 

  • Heatrub fibres
  • Performance fabrics
  • Acrylic 68%/Nylon 21%/Polyester 2%/Wool 7%/Polyurethane 2%
  • Optimal Temperature Range: -10° Celsius thru 10° Celsius
  • Versatile use
  • Sizes S-XXL
  • Unisex

ZeroFit Heatrub Ultimate Mock Base Layer Specifications

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