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Remain heated and dry throughout your activities with ZeroFit’s Heatrub Move Baselayer, the highest-demand product from all of ZeroFit's range for 2021/2022.

ZeroFit is always keeping on top of technology changes with broad amounts of research to produce the ultimate warm product for golf and other specialities which works flawlessly when carrying out energetic or high levels of activity in exercise or work in cold conditions. With a cooling 2-layer construction with unique 'LABO' fabrics, this provides the perfect repellent to moisture from the body to the outer shell fabric where it dries almost instantly to leave your skin with the perfect amount of comfort as well as warmth. The Heatrub Move is easily affordable and the most multi-purpose is probably the most versatile product in the Zero fit heat range as it has been designed for use with golf, rugby, hiking and more, meaning that you can wear it for almost any activity you need.

Not only does the Heatrub move regulate body temperature to keep keeping you warm and dry, but with the construction of 45% polypropylene, means the product is significantly lighter than polyester, nylon and water, thus providing more warmth for a significant amount of less weight. Polypropylene is also the best when it comes to retaining heat, meaning it’s a great insulator when it comes to trapping heat.

With what is called the double-loop system featured, instead of your standard baselayer taking a few minutes to warm up the body, the ZeroFit Heatrub move does it instantly, because of the fibres on the inside rubbing against your skin creating frictional heat, generating immediate heat.

Through the extra-long bristles, this will guarantee a layer of warm air is retained around the torso and neck areas of your body so why wait? Get the most affordable and 100% guaranteed to keep you warm in cold conditions base layer today!

  • Great insulator for trapping heat
  • HeatRub technology
  • Moisture wicking properties
  • Materials: 50% Polyester/45% Polypropylene/5% Polyurethane
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Unisex

ZeroFit Heatrub Mock Base Layer Specifications

Material:Polyester Stretch
Product Code:IZPUMA110