Wilson Triad R Golf Balls

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With a long and illustrious past behind them, Wilson stands out as one of the more recognised and respected names in golf equipment. Padraig Harrington & Paul Laurie to name just two players who have both secured Open titles using Wilson equipment.

The Wilson Triad R has just been released and follows up on the success of the Model R. The new Triad R uses the same unconventional finish and uncompromising performance from tee to green. The companies' propitiatory non-coated urethane cover gives the purest connection between ball and face possible. The unmatched feel and control are fantastic, very important for feedback to the player. The Tri-balanced construction completely eliminates heavy spots within the ball to give a perfectly true and reliable rollout every time one is sent on its way to the hole.

With a high moment of inertia for long and stable flight, the carefully calibrated triple-layer construction ensures the ball stays true in flight to find its intended target more often. The thin, non-coated cover gives the purest club/face interaction possible, control around the greens is stellar.

Uniform density in all three layers is vitally important to eliminate heavy spots, by moving weight from the core of the ball to the mantle and outer cover, a perfectly true roll is realised. A convenient putting alignment line is displayed on the ball with three small arrows on either side for quick and simple aiming. A premium 3-piece golf ball with a non-coated urethane cover for the ultimate interaction between ball and club. You certainly won't be disappointed with this ball! Try it today and be amazed at the spin and control that is achieved.

  • New Wilson ball for 2022.
  • Premium quality.
  • Non-coated urethane cover.
  • Pure ball and face interaction.
  • High moment of inertia design.
  • Long & straight flight.
  • Powerful precision performance.
  • Calibrated triple-layer construction.
  • Uniform density for perfect roll.
  • Inbuilt putting alignment aid.
  • Available in packs of 12 balls.
  • Comes in white only.

Wilson Triad Raw Golf Ball Specifications

Brand:Wilson Staff
Ball Type:3 Piece
Ball Colour:White
Product Code:WG2005001