Bridgestone e9 Long Drive Golf Balls

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Have you ever wanted to play the official long drive golf balls? Well, now you can with the introduction of the e9 Long Drive Golf Ball from Bridgestone. This ball is designed to deliver blistering distance and ball speed on every single shot. Co-developed with the world long drive association, this ball features a seamless 330 dimple cover to aerodynamically reduce drag and comes with extreme gradational core technology to squeeze every last bit of ball speed.

This ball is designed for course use to maximise ball speed and distance to give you the edge over your playing partners, bragging rights will just keep on coming your way. This is not a gimmick ball, it gives a great responsive feel together with consistent flight. A solid all-round performer with surprisingly good spin control around the greens. Experience the results possible and don’t look back! You know you want to see what the hype is all about, buy a box and try them out at right now.

  • Official world long drive ball.
  • For on-course use.
  • Co-developed with the world long drive association.
  • Extreme ball speed.
  • Seamless 330 dimple cover.
  • e9 Gradational core technology.
  • Bridgestone quality.
  • Great in-flight ball stability.
  • 12 Ball pack (white only) 

Bridgestone e9 Long Drive Golf Balls Specifications

Ball Colour:White
Product Code:3DWX6D