TrueStrike Static Golf Mat

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This innovative strike surface is leading the way in terms of realistic golf practice, allowing you to get that important practice time in when you can't get to the course. This static golf mat is designed to withstand the rigours of heavy practice without obvious wear, giving commercial and home users total confidence in the product. The Static golf mat is a space and cost-effective way of experiencing TrueStrike. Nothing out there is as realistic as TrueStrike mats.

Ordinary range mats may look like this TrueStrike Static Golf Mat, but that's where the similarities end. This mat allows realistic practice with both woods and irons. This comes with 2 x range mat sections, 2 x edge trims and the gel section consisting of gel bag, strike surface and strike surround.

The gel-filled section will not only give realistic playing conditions but will also guard against typical golfing wrist/arm injuries. Those hard surfaces of ordinary mats are certainly not doing anybody any favours. The quality, construction, durability and performance you are buying is flawless.

The ruckable top surface of the TrueStike gel-filled section accurately recreates the playability of playing on a real fairway. You will be able to hit down and through the mat, allowing the club to pass freely ''down and through'' the ball. Reacting like grass would when hit.

Normal mats make it extremely difficult to hit fairway woods and hybrids, this is because the flat sole of the club make it too easy to bounce off the rock hard surface, which always results in a topped or thinned shot. These problems are eliminated with the TrueStike mat, the ruckable top surface and inner gel-filled divot substrate giving the ultimate realism to every shot.

All TrueStike mats come with a tee holder that is positioned underneath the mat, real looking tees can be used and adjusted to the desired height for all clubs. The rubber tee receiver and packs of 25 or 500 long or short orange tees can be purchased here at Golfsupport. Don't play on rock hard, soul-destroying mats, play on a mat you know will yield the same results as on the course.


1- gel-filled section (Gel bag/strike surface/strike surround)

2- range mat sections.

2- Edge trims.

All these parts are replaceable at any time.

  • Designed with all playing abilities in mind.
  • Realistic ruckable playing surface.
  • Gel-filled divot simulating substrate.
  • Recreates the feel of a natural fairway.
  • Fibre built to last well over 55,000 strikes.
  • Replaceable sections available.
  • For right or left handed players.
  • Colour: Green/black.
  • Weight: 38 kg.
  • 128cm Long x 130cm Wide x 6cm Deep.

TrueStrike Static Golf Mat Specifications

Product Code:TS303-MK7 Static