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The Skycaddie SkyTrak is a personal launch monitor. Learn from every swing and shot with its real time practice and play system that connects wirelessly to compatible iPads. SkyTrak capture data and ball flight information providing instant feedback on every golf shot. This affordable system is portable, accurate, fun and gives you the freedom to practice anywhere. The Sky Trak app uses a 3D practice range, numeric screen, shot history, shot plotting and three skill challenges. (ipad does not come with this system).

This wireless design launch monitor is ipad compatible (Not Included) measures ball speed, launch angle, back spin, side spin and side angle to give you total information so you can take your game to the next level as well as interactive games feature. You can use this system to find out how far you hit each club, so you never have to guess what club you need when out on the course. All you need is the Sky Trak system, mobile device with Sky Trak app, safe hitting area, club, ball and net, not required but internet connection will give you additional online features. 

Skytrack information features

Skycaddie SkyTrak Features

  • Ball Speed - This comes from club head speed, impact position off the club face, strike and rebound of ball
  • Launch Angle - Measure the vertical angle of the golf ball relive to the ground as it leaves your club face
  • Back Spin - Greatest effect on flight efficiency , measures the vertical rotation of the ball in relationship to the ground as it leaves the club face
  • Side Spin - Horizontal rotation in relation to the ground when it leaves the club and determines the overall shape of the shot
  • Side Angle - Horizontal direction your ball travels in relation to your target line as your ball leaves the club face 

This information will give you a better understanding of your shots so you can improve your game and knowledge so you can transform your game.

Skycaddie SkyTrak Unit and features

The best way to describe how the SkyTrak system works and how it gathers its information to give you all the information you require is to watch this short video. 

With plenty of question about the system answered. One of the most important question is the amount of space needed to use and required for the system. The minimum area required is 10 feet by 10 feet with a ceiling height will vary depended on how tall you are and club length.

Skytrak Area dimension required

The biggest question of how good the SkyTrak system is was to compare it against the Trackman system. One of the most expensive and well know launch monitors system on the market to date. The results are are shown below.

SkyTrak Comparison test

Skytrak Comparison test with a driver

SkyTrak Plans Option

There are three SkyTrak plans that are available for your experience with your system to maximum your system. Not only can you have the basic package, SkyTrak offer the practice and improve which uses of multiple camera angles, competition like closest to the pin, longest drive and this package includes target practice and club comparison. The premium package called play real golf allows you to play ten of the world's best golf courses. 

Skycaddie SkyTrak Plans

SkyTrak Course Simulator

Skytrak Full Courses

SkyCaddie SkyTrak Specifications