Pulseroll VYB Roller

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Pulseroll VYB Roller Classic

Prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary capabilities of this roller. It goes above and beyond your expectations, utilising high-power motors to deliver powerful vibrations that will transform your self-massage experience. Get ready to boost blood circulation, reduce muscle soreness, and enhance your performance levels like never before.

With three active speeds and one pulse mode, you have full control over your massage intensity. The convenient remote control allows for easy adjustments, ensuring a personalized experience tailored to your needs and targeted muscle groups.

This vibrating foam roller is no ordinary roller. Backed by scientific evidence, our vibration technology has been proven to enhance circulation and oxygen delivery to your muscles, promoting overall muscle health and reducing soreness.

Whether you're seeking self-massage, rehabilitation, or performance training, the New VYB vibrating foam roller is designed to meet your needs. Experience the benefits of vibration training with our innovative foam roller, conveniently used in the comfort of your own home.

Scientifically tested and proven, our vibrating foam rollers can increase blood flow and oxygen to muscles by up to 22% after intense training. This accelerates recovery and maintains muscle strength that is typically lowered after a workout. Say goodbye to muscle fatigue and embrace the power of the New VYB vibrating foam roller.

Package includes:

  • VYB Classic Roller
  • 30cm Length
  • Finger remote
  • Type-C charging cable
  • Carry bag with strap
  • Product manual
  • Warranty card