Pulseroll VYB Duo Vibrating Massage Peanut

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Pulseroll VYB Duo Vibrating Massage Peanut

Experience targeted relief for daily aches and pains with the Pulseroll VYB Duo Roller. This ergonomically designed roller is perfect for reaching smaller problem areas, providing precise and focused myofascial release. It excels in trigger point therapy and is particularly effective for conditions like plantar fasciitis.

With three active speeds and one pulse mode, you have control over your massage experience. The convenient remote control allows for easy adjustments, ensuring a comfortable and tailored session.

The Pulseroll VYB Duo Roller is not only effective but also portable. Its compact design makes it easy to carry, making it an ideal travel companion even during flights.

This versatile roller can be used on various body parts, delivering remarkable results for areas like glutes, calves, and arches. It wraps around muscles effortlessly, targeting the intended area with precision.

To use, simply place the roller on the targeted muscle and let the vibration technology work its magic. Apply pressure and gently lean side to side or roll up and down for a complete massage experience. Alternatively, you can hold the roller at one end and place the other end directly on the muscle, applying pressure for targeted relief.

If you're experiencing foot pain, place the Vibrating Peanut Roller under your foot and gently roll forward and back across the sole. This technique can provide much-needed relief.

Say goodbye to daily aches and pains with the Pulseroll VYB Duo Roller. Experience targeted relief wherever you go.