Cleveland Golf Tri-Fold Micro Fibre Towel

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Cleveland Golf


Code: 16501 / 2F11

The Cleveland Golf Tri-Fold Micro Fibre Towel is durable for extended periods of use during a round of golf. A soft microfibre construction makes it ideal for players who wish to wipe away sweat or rain from their eyes. In addition to performing as a face towel, it is perfect for cleaning club faces. Rainy conditions leave mud and grass on clubs, and they must be cleaned in order to achieve more accurate shots. The tri-fold feature of the towel makes it easy to store. Simply fold it and place it inside an outer zipper section when not in use. The Cleveland Golf Tri-Fold Micro-Fibre Towel is black in colour, and it’s accented with the Cleveland logo.

• Soft microfibre material. 

• Perfect for club faces.

• Tri-fold for easy storage.

• Stylish black colour with Cleveland logo.

Cleveland Tri-Fold Microfibre Towel Specifications

Product Code:12110977