Garmin Approach S70 GPS Golf Watch

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The Garmin S70 is the latest innovation in smartwatch technology from one of the market leaders in Golf smartwatches. The watch is packed with the latest tech to get each and every yardage as precise as possible to make sure you know how far out you are, leading to lower scores.

A black bezel on the watch gives a fantastic sleek and polished look to the S70. Combined with a comfortable silicone strap, the watch is really comfortable on the wrist. The 3 buttons on the side of the bezel are not only functional but give it a more tradtional watch look, rather than looking like a bulky smart watch, which they often can do.

43,000 courses are pre loaded on the watch from around the world, giving you an immense choice of which course to play. The super bright AMOLED display is easy to see and very responsive, making sure you can read your watch in the brightest of conditions. The watch also comes with preloaded activities in the form of its sports apps. Strength training, yoga, HIIT, running and many more can be used on the watch to keep track of your fitness.

The virtual caddie has been improved on this model. You can now get club recommendations based on wind, elevation, and even your own swing data! The shot dispersion chart also shows hazards that may be in play depending on your club choice. when processing all this information on your practice rounds, it can really help to get your scores down and analyse your game on levels that weren't possible a few years back. As mentioned with the wind and elevation, the playslike distance feature has been improved too. You'll get data on how far the hole is 'actually' playing depending on all these factors so you can really get your distances on point.

Green contour data is another amazing feature that can be taken advantage of. it requires an active Garmin Golf membership. When used you can see the contours of the green when playing your approach shots, making you more aware of the slopes on the green. This can be incredibly advantageous, especially on courses you are new too. It will allow you to plot your approaches with an even greater degree of accuracy, knowing where you can and can't land your ball.

  • Up to 21 days Battery in watch mode.
  • Up to 20 hours Battery in sports mode.
  • 43k + Courses
  • Enhanced Playslike feature
  • 24/7 Health and Activity Monitoring
  • Club suggestions based on environmental and player factors
  • AMOLED display
  • Green Contour Data (With Subscription)
  • Keep Track of shots and score
  • Pinpoint Feature
  •  Water Resistant