Winn Dri Tac 2.0 O/Size +1/8" Grips

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Winn have put in years of research and development to bring you the next-generation Dri-Tac grip. With improved feel and durability, the Dri-Tac 2.0 Oversize +1/8 Grips represents the best of what Winn polymer technology has to offer. As the pioneer of polymer grips, Winn invented multiple polymer compounds that are slip-resistant in all weather conditions, one of the most important attributes in any golf grip. Outperforming traditional golfing grips by some distance. These polymers are uniquely formulated to achieve a wide spectrum of firmnesses, textures, and weights to suit any type of golfer out there. The ''Dri-tac 2.0'' is a perfect grip for keeping your hands dry during all-weather play and in constant contact with the Winn polymer material.

  • Grip size: oversize +1/8.
  • Tapered.
  • Firmness: medium.
  • Tacky Excel polymer feel.
  • High shock-absorption.
  • All-weather playability.
  • Weight: 56g.
  • Core size: 0.600.
  • Colour: jet black.