Super Stroke Zenergy Wristlock Grips

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Super Stroke


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The Super Stroke Zenergy Wristlock grip is a fully legal grip under the rules of golf and is 3 inches longer than a standard Zenergy grip. It works the same for both right and left handed golfers and comes in the desirable colour of white/black. All Zenergy models come with Enhanced Spyne™ Technology and multi-zone texturing to help to guide golfers to repeatable hand placement, this optimises feedback and comfort from the incredibly soft polyurethane outer layer. The no-taper technology has always been a big hit, this minimises grip pressure for a smoother putting action with every stroke. Treat yourself to a putter grip with all the technology inbuilt to lower your putting statistics.

  • 2023 Zenergy design.
  • Enhanced Spyne™ Technology.
  • New multi-zone texturing.
  • No-taper technology.
  • Tour-proven technology.
  • Minimises grip pressure.
  • Quietens hands/wrists for a smooth stroke.
  • Tech-Port for adding performance sensors etc.
  • Length: 13.75’’ inches. (3 inches longer than standard)
  • Width: 1.23 inches.
  • Weight: 75 grams.
  • Core: 0.58 inches.
  • Colour: white/black.

Super Stroke Zenergy Wristlock Grips Specifications

Brand:Super Stroke
Grip Size:Wristlock (13.75'' inches)
Product Code:083500