G-Rip Training Grips

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The new G-Rip Training Grip is the ideal and affordable way to make sure your grip is the way it should be. The grip is fundamental to the golf swing and cannot be overlooked. The aim of the G-Rip Training grip is to ensure you're holding the club correctly so that the club can be swung on the correct plane. If the grip isn't right the swing will never be right!

The Training Grip will gently guide both your hands into the correct position ready for the swing. This may feel strange at first, especially if you have got into bad habits with your grip. Perseverance

will prevail in the long run though and you will eventually start to grip the club correctly much more naturally. From the correct grip, you can only improve and move forward with your game. Good golf begins with a good grip.

This would be ideal fitted to an old mid-iron, say a 7 iron, but can equally be put on any iron of your choice. We strongly advise you have this fitted by a qualified PGA professional at your local golf club.

Top Tips

Do at least 30 swings a couple of times a day, more if you want. The more you practice the quicker the Trainer Grip will feel comfortable and natural. Ideally then hit the driving range to see all your hard work flourish, then take to the golf course with the perfect grip!

The Training Grip is available for right-handed and left-handed golfers. Blue for right-handed golfers and black for left-handed golfers.

Please note: This Training Grip is for practice only and cannot be used in tournament play as it does not conform to the rules of golf. 

  • Perfect for grooving the correct golf grip.
  • For beginners and advanced players.
  • Available for both right and left handed golfers.
  • Simple and highly effective.
  • The inexpensive way to improve your golf.   

G-Rip Training Grips Specifications 

Grip Size:Standard
Product Code:GRTM