G-Rip MP1 Midsize Pistol Putter Grip

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The G-Rip MP1 Midsize Pistol Grip is the modern-day putter grip with all the latest technology to help you make more of those crucial putts whilst adding a splash of standout colour in the process. Available in 4 attractive and luminous colours to suit your own personal eye.

The new MP1 putter grip uses innovative technology and high-performance materials to give instantaneous feedback. This grip encourages a light grip that enhances feel and control for a smoother stroke and better distance control. Weighing 59 grams, the Midsize MP1 putter grip features a polyurethane textured outer surface that is especially good in damp or wet conditions to retain its tacky feel. The compound contains shock-dampening properties to reduce vibration and give high levels of feedback to the player, this all works in extremes of cold up to -30 degrees Fahrenheit with the innovative under-listing material used.

Cleaning and maintenance is also a breeze, needing just a wipe with a warm moist towel and patted dry with a cloth from time to time. G-Rip recommends the use of a good de-greaser once in a while, Eg, Swarfega or similar products to keep the grip in tip-top condition. Add some colour and personality into your game today with the G-Rip MP1 Midsize Pistol Grip here at Golfsupport.

The putter grip is recommended to be replaced every 18-24 months with a casual 3 to 4 times a month use.

  • Traditional Pistol style.
  • Midsize.
  • High-level feedback.
  • Unique under-listing material.
  • Weight: 59 grams.
  • Choice of Four 2-tone colours.
  • For golfers of all abilities.
  • Great in wet or cold conditions.
  • Easy clean maintenance.   

G-Rip MP1 Midsize Pistol Putter Grip Specifications

Grip Size:Midsize
Product Code:GRMP1