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Cobra Aerojet LS Drivers

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From £429.00
From £429.00
Cobra Aerojet LS Drivers
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Key Features

  • Skilled golfer design
  • Refined head shape
  • Neutral & fade-bias flight
  • Advanced aerodynamic shaping
  • 30% reduced crown thickness
  • PWR-Bridge weighting
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Cobra Golf has released this all-new Aerojet LS Driver for 2023 which comes with new looks and technology to again elevate the reputation of this elite brand. LS stands for low spinning and is designed to appeal to the skilled golfer who prefers lower launch flight and lower spin for maximum carry distance. The refined and smaller 457cc head shape gives the lowest drag of all the 3 models in the range. Two adjustable weights in the heel and toe allow for a neutral or fade draw bias. These weights are 12g neutral heel side and 3g fade toe side.

Looks-wise, the new colourway is awesome and anyone will surely find it hard not to like. The red, white and blue is a fine choice and certainly way different to past Cobra models. The satin black/raw carbon fibre gloss crown is very appealing and different for sure, in a good way. These new Aerojet drivers bring a new era in speed through advanced and seamless aerodynamic shaping. The LS model boasts the lowest coefficient drag of any Cobra driver ever. The aggressive streamlined shape gives the fastest clubhead speed possible right now. New Pwr-Bridge weighting sees a 13-gram structure added to the head and sits behind the face to increase speed and lower spin.

H.O.T stands for Highly Optimised Topology, face technology that is leading the way in golf manufacturing. Cobra are really proud of this innovative technology, and rightly so. A 30% thinner carbon crown allows weight to be redistributed to improve both the centre of gravity and moment of inertia to massively influence launch and how the ball flies through the air. A forged PWRSHELL face insert maximises flexibility to give that impressive speed and also higher launch. This face has 15 individual hot spots across the entire face so even when you strike off-centre the result will still be surprisingly amazing. An incredibly stable and reliable feel at impact that you know Cobra is famous for. Dispersion is excellent and is designed to keep you on the short grass.

The ever-popular MyFly hosel allows for loft and lie settings to be fine-tuned. You can go 1.5º up or down from the stated loft on the hosel. What a great driver from Cobra Golf for 2023. The bullet points are extensive!

  • Designed for more skilled golfers.
  • Refined head shape & address profile.
  • Neutral & fade-bias ball flight.
  • Advanced aerodynamic shaping.
  • 30% reduced crown thickness.
  • New PWR-Bridge weighting (low & forward)
  • H.O.T. face technology.
  • Forged PWRSHELL face insert.
  • Carbon fibre crown & sole.
  • Powerful and impressive sound.
  • 12g neutral heel side weight/3g fade toe side weight.
  • New red, white & blue colourway.
  • MyFly loft and lie adjustable hosel.
  • -/+ 1.5º up/down from stated loft on hosel.
  • Available in two lofts: 9º or10.5º.
  • Mitsubishi Kai’li blue or white graphite shafts.
  • Lamkin Crossline grip in black/silver.