The Most Popular Golf Brands According to Google

The evolution of golf equipment and apparel

Golf equipment and apparel has considerably changed over time. Through extensive research and development, popular golf brands have developed products which are not only innovative but allow players to improve various aspects of their performance on the golf course.

Whether it be golf clubs or golf balls – some of the products have been truly astonishing. Often redefining the way in which the wonderful game can be played from a technical as well as tactical perspective.

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The most popular golf brands

Interested in golf equipment and apparel brands, online golf shop derived search engine data from analytics tool Ahrefs to discover how many times a month on average 52 of the best Golf brands are being globally searched online. found that Titleist is the most Googled golf brand globally, receiving a colossal 106,000 online searches per month – the equivalent of 290 searches each day. 

Subsequently, Callaway alongside TaylorMade are the next most ‘Googled’ golf brands – with each brand respectively receiving 97,000 online queries each month – the equivalent of 266 searches per day.

In third position, PXG gain 73,000 searches a month – the equivalent of 200 searches each day.

In terms of household sports manufacturers, this is how they fair when it comes to global online searches for the golfing division of their brand:

Nike Golf (46,000), Adidas Golf (23,000) Puma Golf (13,000), Wilson Golf (12,000), Under Armour (11,000) and Skechers Golf (2,100).

Feature Image Credit: Tinny Photo/Shutterstock

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