Tips to Stay Fit During the Summer

After suffering from cold weather and rain for most of the year, summer is the season many Brits across the country look forward to the most. This year especially, the sun has been out in full force. With Brits basking themselves in the surging temperatures, what many don’t realise is the negative impact the heat can have on their general lifestyle.

High temperatures have a tendency to drain people’s energy and increase their need for relaxation. Entailed in the relaxation – lack of motivation for exercise and the appetite to indulge on unhealthy foods (e.g. desserts, fried snacks etc). Over the course of summer, such habits could have a detrimental effect on an individual’s physical health. To avoid such problems, have complied a comprehensive list of how individuals can stay fit for the duration of summer and beyond.

Ways to Stay Fit During the Summer

Embrace Walks

Instead of sitting on the sofa, waiting to catch the cold air from the revolving fan, go for a short walk. Go for a walk early in the morning or an hour or so before sun set, so the heat is not too intense. You can be adventurous as you want – go to your local park or even, town centre. If you work and spend your lunch hour at the desk, switch it up by going for a 15 to 30 minute stroll. If you have the endurance and fancy being much more active, jogging and running can also be viable considerations.

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Try Outdoor Sports

The warm weather provides the perfect opportunity to play out outdoor sports to stay fit during the summer, such as football, rugby, basketball, cricket and tennis. To do this, you don’t have to break the bank as most parks have all the appropriate surfaces and facilities, from proper grass tennis courts to astro-turf football pitches. Hitting the golf court also makes for a fun summer activity, so put on your Galvin Green T-shirt and head to the pitch!

Ride a Bike

If you are constantly going to places in close proximity to your home – such as the supermarket, bank and restaurants – bicycle as opposed to driving to any of them. Summer is the perfect time to do so and with roads much more accommodating to bicycles than ever before (e.g. cycle lanes, cycle crossings etc) – it’s the perfect time to get the bike from the shed and onto the road. Further on, with many more people out and about during the good weather – bicycling will enable you to bypass the problem of long queues and delays caused by traffic.

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Eat Fruit

In the summer it can be very easy to go for the unhealthy options, such as ice creams, cakes, biscuits, milkshakes, waffles, crisps, fizzy drinks and fried food. It’s understandable to see why they are craved so often, as they provide the much needed energy and refreshment whilst in the blazing sun. Once in a while, they are perfectly fine to have, but it’s all about moderation. Instead, try to opt for fruit – particularly seasonal produce, such as mangoes and melons – and try and reach that all-important five-a-day.

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New Outings

In winter and autumn, in-door activates such bowling and cinema tend to be the most popular selections. Now in summer, with the sun scorching, seek to experience out-door activates that you have not tried. These include mini-golf and glamping/camping. Doing so, could add a new dimension to family as well as friend outings.

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