Should You Buy Golf Clubs Online?

As the Christmas period gets into full swing, there’s a good chance you’ll be dabbling in a bit of cyber shopping. You might need some new golf clubs, but should you buy golf clubs online? Here is our buying advice when is comes to online golf shopping: 

Should you buy golf clubs online?

Since the boom of e-commerce around 10 years ago, there’s been a steady migration from the high street to the web. People have swapped £1 trolleys for online carts. Here at GolfSupport, you could say we did it the other way round. After two years of running the website we opened our first high street store. We have experienced success with both arms of the business, but along the way we’ve learnt just how important the physical store has remained in an increasingly digital world.

When it comes to whether you should buy golf clubs online, it is important to bear in mind that new golf essentials are usually quite an expensive and important purchase. Another thing, especially for golfers, is the need to know how the golf equipment will perform. This is almost essential. However, trying a new driver before you buy it is a tad difficult from your laptop.

How do golfers ensure they come away with the best gear, that ultimately is going to work and ‘hopefully’ lower their average number of shots per round? How do they do all of that without ever touching a golf club?

Lowering your scores is up to you, but the answer is you don’t.

Sam Darrington, Sales Assistant at GolfSupport says “Not many people buy off the shelf without trying at all. If they do, they are beginner’s golf sets. Very few people buy clubs without trying them first.”

And that’s the truth, how are you expected to know what a club will be like without giving it a swing and feeling the weight of it? Just like a new pair of golf shoes, you need to feel them for fit.

As of yet there isn’t a way of fitting customers with the right golf clubs through a computer screen, and the truth is there might never be. You can read as many reviews about Titleist sm6 wedges as you want, for example, this doesn’t mean that you will experience its trajectory control for yourself, or decide whether they are the wedges for you.

As virtual reality technology becomes more advanced and gadgets like Oculus Rift come available to the public in early 2016, who knows what can happen. Imagine, playing a quick front nine with Jordan Spieth at Augusta in the comfort of your own home, whilst trying out a potential set of new irons that you can buy online afterwards.

And you’re back in the room (we zoned out for a minute there too). For now, custom club fitting must be completed in store. That’s not to say that technology isn’t lending a helping hand, our full size golf swing simulator is how our in-store professionals find the right club for you. They interpret the readings from the launch monitor to provide a wholly unbiased recommendation. Our staff simply give expert advice on what clubs will suit your swing.

Should you buy golf clubs online? Our advice is don’t buy a new set of clubs without handling them first. And NEVER EVER buy a set of clubs on recommendation without trying them on a golf simulator first. The nice, friendly salesman is probably on commission. After practicing with them by all means order your golf clubs online, on mobile or even by written letter, we don’t mind how you do it. If you need help ordering any new equipment please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0844 324 6766 or by email to [email protected]. Merry Christmas golfers!

Feature image credit: Tinny Photo/Shutterstock