The Best Junior Golf Clubs for 2020

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For beginner junior golfers looking to get into the wonderful world of golf, when it comes to purchasing golf equipment, it can be difficult to find  the best junior golf clubs when there are so many on the market thanks to various technologies and styles.

There are a number of variables you must consider when purchasing golf equipment for your child, such as their height and weight of golf club, as well as how much you are willing to spend. As a result, the Golfsupport team have identified the best junior golf clubs for beginners so you know which golf clubs are worth investing in for your child, whether it be for Christmas, their birthday, or simply just because.

What are the best junior golf clubs for 2020?

You may be wondering, what are the best junior golf clubs sets? After a lot of deliberation, the Golfsupport team have picked their top two must-have junior golf club sets for all aspiring golfers.

– Go Junior Web Boxed Sets – from £94.99

The Go Junior web boxed sets offer seven high-quality golf clubs, making a great first set for a first-time golfer starting out in the sport. The set includes a 16-degree driver, 7-iron, 9-iron, pitching wedge, mallet style putter, a driver headcover and a lightweight stand bag, featuring two pockets to hold valuables, a golf ball pouch, a comfortable dual strap, a 4-way divider top and a rain cover and umbrella holder for rainy days on the course.

This Go Junior boxed set is suitable for a range of age groups, available for purchase in four main age groups, including age 4-5, age 6-8, age 9-12 and age 13-16.

Go Junior boxed sets are priced from £94.99, making it a highly affordable option for a young child wanting to get into the world of golf. This set of golf clubs allows young golfer to have access to the golf essentials, without having to spend a fortune. Not to mention, the boxed sets are available in four different sizes, ensuring that each time your child grows out of their clubs, you won’t have to fork out a further £200+ for a high-quality package set.

– Callaway XJ2/XJ3 Junior Golf Sets – from £235.00

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Suitable for both boys and girls and available in a stylish blue and white design, the Callaway junior golf sets have been specifically designed to offer junior golfers the best equipment for their height – after all, height is one of the most important factors when picking the right club.

As a result, they are available in two size options: XJ2 and XJ3. The Callaway XJ2 junior golf set is suitable for aspiring golfers around 47” to 53” tall, whereas the Callaway XJ3 junior golf set is more suited to golfers that are 54” to 61”.

All clubs in the junior golf club set feature Callaway’s clever technology, designed for distance and forgiveness. The sets include Titanium drivers and graphite shafts, in order to create a ultra-lightweight club for youngsters to make swinging easier and more rewarding.

The XJ2 junior set is a six-piece package set featuring a driver, fairway wood, 7-iron, 9-iron, sand wedge and putter, as well as a golf bag, matching head covers and a rain hood for rainy days on the course. The XJ3 junior set comprises of a seven-piece set featuring the same as the XJ2 as well as a hybrid.

The six-piece golf set (XJ2) is priced from £235.00 and the seven-piece set (XJ3) is priced from £315.00. This may be expensive to some, but it offers young aspiring golfers a stylish “Tour” like junior golf set, with several options when starting out in the sport.

It is worth noting that before you purchase anything online, it is advisable to get your child fitted by a professional to ensure you are purchasing the correct height clubs. The wrong clubs can significantly hinder your game, so it is advisable to take them for a fitting every six months to keep up with any inevitable growth spurts.  

– Cleveland Junior Golf Sets – from £119.99

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This Cleveland junior golf package set is designed to ease youngsters into the game and enjoy, so they continue to play for a lifetime.

These junior golf club sets have been designed with three different optimised set options to fit a range of aspiring golfers, and incorporate similar technology which is found in the standard “adult” Cleveland Golf equipment. These include:

Small set: The small Cleveland junior golf set, priced from £119.99, comprises of a three-piece set for juniors age 4 to 6 or 36” to 43” tall. It includes a 22 degree fairway, 7-iron and a putter.

Medium set: The medium Cleveland junior golf set , priced from £190.99, is a six-piece set for ages 7 to 9 or 44” to 53” tall, and features a 18 degree driver, 28 degree hybrid, 7 and 9 iron, 56 degree wedge and a putter.

Large set: The large Cleveland junior golf set, priced from £169.99, is a seven-piece set for ages 10-12 or 54” to 63” tall, and includes the following clubs: an 18 degree driver, 22 degree fairway, 28 degree hybrid, 7 and 9 iron, 56 degree wedge and a putter.

Callaway XJ Hot Junior Golf Sets – from £179.97

The Callaway XJ Hot junior golf set is created with the same quality as a standard adult golf set and is specifically made in a wide variety of colourways in order to appeal to all young junior golfers.

There are four sets to choose from in this Callaway junior golf set, which are carefully designed to give young golfers every club they need to make the game easier whilst learning. This junior golf set contains some of the very best rated junior golf clubs, including a 3620cc lightweight driver, fairway wood and hybrid, 7-iron, 9-iron and sand wedge, as well as an Odyssey putter.

The golf set is encased in a lightweight stand bag which features a 5-way top, zipped pockets, rain hood, water bottle holder and a double strap for ultimate comfort.

This golf set is priced from £179.97. This may be expensive to some, but it is great value for money because it offers young golfers more options than most junior golf sets on the market. As a result, this would be a great golf Christmas present or birthday gift for an aspiring golfer.

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TaylorMade Rory Junior Package Sets – from £238.99

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Everyone knows Rory McIlroy. He’s one of the most well-known golfers and, to some, an idol that perhaps got them into golf in the first place – after all, he has done so much to encourage youngsters to take up the sport. As a result, it is no surprise that McIlroy has joined forces with TaylorMade to create a limited-edition high-quality set of junior golf clubs to get young children into the game.

The TaylorMade Rory junior package set, which includes a stand bag and clubs, is available to both boys and girls and can be bought as a 6-piece or 8-piece set. The 6-piece set includes a driver, 5 rescue, 5 hybrid, 7-iron, sand wedge, putter – the 8-piece sets includes a further 3-wood and 9-iron too. The Rory junior package set also comes with a St Bernard headcover which is inspired by the one Rory uses on his own driver too.

Due to the fact it is designed by Rory McIlroy and limited edition, the price point is far larger than the Callaway XJ Hot junior golf set, costing £238.99. Despite this, Rory’s golf package set is the perfect gift for an aspiring golfer – especially if they look up to Rory himself.

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