29 Gifts for a Golf Fanatic

Christmas is fast approaching, so we have comprised a useful gifts list suitable for kids, big kids and serious golf fanatics.

The gifts range from smaller stocking fillers and token gifts to your loved one’s main presents. Perhaps you love playing golf and fancy treating yourself to one of our amazing gifts below. Why not? It is Christmas after all, and you really, REALLY need those new golfing gloves for your (ever-growing) golf essentials kit, don’t you? 

The gifts:

1. 501 Excuses for a bad golf shot (Amazon): Have you a golf mad friend who is unfortunately always being blinded by the sun? Or maybe a trickle of sweat got in his eye? Maybe that unusual looking bird that flew by distracted him? If so, this book is the perfect gift for them!

2. Chocolate golf balls / golf pop cakes (Notonthehighstreet.com): Have you a golfer friend with a sweet tooth? Available in dark, milk, white chocolate or as cake pops!

3. Golf finding glasses (Menkind.co.uk): Specially designed glasses that illuminate everything white, making golf balls easier to find.

4. Miniature desk golf (Notonthehighstreet.com): Bored with the monotony of office work? Break up the day by practising your golf skills with a mini desk set!

5. Novelty golf balls (Amazon): Misbehaving joke golf balls! Available in a four pack which includes ‘the un-puttable’, ‘the jet-streamer’, ‘the exploder’ and ‘the floater’.

6. Golf cuff links (Notonthehighstreet.com): Add a touch of fun to your suit with these suave, silver cuff links.

7. Golf gloves (Golfsupport.com): Do you have a golfer who enjoys more practical gifts? These flexible, breathable grip gloves are designed to enhance performance and are also weather resistant – perfect for the unpredictable UK weather!

Golf gloves

8. Golf bags (Nike Golf on Golfsupport.com): Is your golfer’s bag looking a bit worse for wear? Time for an update with these durable and affordable golf bags. Other styles are also available.

golf bag

9. Golf umbrella (Golfsupport.com): Suitable for spectators and golfers who enjoy playing in all weathers. These wide reaching umbrellas are sure to keep you shielded from the elements.

golf umbrella

10. Golf towel (Golfsupport.com): Available in a wide range of styles and colours, golf towels are another cost effective gift option.

golf towel

11. Personalised Golf score card holder (Golfsupport.com): Choose from a range of colours and designs. Also personalisation options.

Golf scorecard
12. Golf Mug (Golfsupport.com): Available in a range of designs, this cost effective gift works well as a stocking filler or as a token gift.

golf mug
13. Golf Tie (Amazon): Choose from the smart tie, novelty tie, to the downright wacky ties!

14. Golfer’s Wine (Amazon): Another great gift for the golfer who has everything. This consumable is also great to share with friends at a Christmas party. Personalised options such as your club’s crest and the golfer’s name are available as well as a choice of cartoons or drawings.

15. Golf keyring (Golfsupport.com): Another great stocking filler. A lovely little token present from the kids to their mum or dad.


16. Golfer’s Flask (notonthehighstreet.com): Keep yourself warm on a crisp winter’s day with a flask of hot soup.

17. Golf Bookends (notonthehighstreet.com): Something to prop up all of those golf manuals and autobiographies!

18. Golf Wine-stops (notonthehighstreet.com): Golf clubs, golf balls, flags and figurines.

wine stop
19. Golf socks (golfsupport.com): Choose from novelty, thermal, cushioning and moisture-wicking fabrics.

Golf socks

20. Golf tumblers (Golfsupport.com): A classy gift which can have your choice of etched name or phrase.

hip flask

21. Golf visors / caps (Golfsupport.com): Choose from a peaked baseball-style cap, visor, beanie or cloth cap.

golf visor

22. Novelty golf balls (menkind.co.uk): A fun gift for golfers of any age!

23. Golf tshirt / polo (Golfsupport.com): Another practical gift suitable for both children and adults alike. Available in a range of styles, colours and designs.

Golf tshirt

24. Personalise your golf balls (menkind.co.uk): This little gadget allows you to stamp your name, club or other phrase on all of your golf balls!


25. Golf sunglasses (Golfsupport.com): Perfect for the low winter sun and for bright summers days. Includes temple supporters, nose bridge pads and UV filtration technology.

Golf sunglasses
26. Golf vouchers (Golfsupport.com): Perfect if you have a golf friend who appears to already have everything. Let them choose what they most need or would enjoy buying for themselves. Choose what value you would like to spend.

Golf voucher

27. Golfer’s watch (Golfsupport.com): These waterproof watches have hole distance recognising technology, odometer, Bluetooth and app smartphone options.

Golf watch

28. Golf shoes (Golfsupport.com): Along with new threads every golfer could benefit from a brand new pair of treads. Go that extra mile and add a personal touch with customisable Myjoy golf shoes in over 24 different colours.

Myjoy customised golf shoe

29. Golf range finders (Golfsupport.com): This technology locks onto the flag with incredible precision, ignoring background clutter such as trees or hazards. The flag is identified with a little red dot, enabling the golfer to be 100 % sure of the correct distance.

To maximize accuracy, the Medalist comes with a 4 x magnification and the choice of either yardages or metres, maximizing usability for any golfer with any ability. All the available information is shown on the in-view LCD display with scan mode included. Another helpful feature includes the built-in Rain Mode, enabling play in all conditions, which is helpful all over the world, but a must have in Britain!!

Golf finder

Last tip: Black Friday is fast approaching – keep on the lookout for some great deals! Who knows, you might be able to fill a whole stocking with goodies through the deals on offer!

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!