6 Best Callaway Golf Clubs to Buy in 2019


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Tired of low-quality golf clubs which seem to prevent you from improving your game? Weary of weak shafts which don’t add anything to your swing? Exhausted by poor build-quality clubs that offer little to no consistency?

Looking at which Callaway golf clubs to purchase is certainly a step in the right direction. Buying golf clubs from a lesser known brand or picking up ones which proport to be exact replicas of well-known branded clubs is always risky.

In fact, even though they might be marketed as such, clones of widely used and appreciated clubs are illegal, and thus non-existent for the most part. All golf club manufacturers patent their clubs’ designs, meaning comparisons between cloned and brand-name clubs are useless. However, the main advantage of branded golf clubs over their cloned cousins is the tighter quality control which the branded ones are subjected to along with the millions spent on R & D; these translate into higher quality across the board.  

For those who have recently found themselves wondering ‘what golf clubs should I buy?’, we’ve put together a list of the best Callaway golf clubs on the market in 2019. Each club or club set on this list has been chosen for overall quality, as well as for one specific selling point which makes it best-suited for a particular type of player or game-improvement objective. 

Best Callaway Golf Clubs to Buy in 2019:

1. Callaway Big Bertha Graphite Irons

2. Callaway Rogue X Graphite Irons

3. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver

4. Callaway Rogue Hybrids

5. Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Woods

6. Callaway XJ Hot Junior Golf Sets

1. Callaway Big Bertha Graphite Irons

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If you’re searching for the best golf club for high handicap, the Big Bertha set will mark the end of your pursuit. The clubs in this set are some of the most forgiving Callaway irons available.

Marketed as the ultimate game improvement club, the spec of the Big Berthas makes it practically impossible to argue with this portrayal.

The Big Bertha Callaway irons are powered by the cutting-edge Suspended Energy Core built by the brand. The design allows for:

  • easier ball launch – due to the flexible and shallow clubface, which arches and releases at impact;
  • more consistency – due to the lower and deeper weight distribution in the clubhead;
  • excellent forgiveness for high handicappers – due to the slightly weaker lofts on the Big Bertha clubs when compared to other irons on the market.  

If improving your high handicap is at the top of your golfing to do list, purchasing Callaway’s Big Bertha Graphite Irons will go a long way to helping you achieve your goals.  

2. Callaway Rogue X Graphite Irons

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This next entry is the second and final Callaway iron on our list. If you’re interested in exploring more options in this club type category, be sure to give our post on the 4 best Callaway irons to buy in 2019 a read!

Definitely one of the top golf clubs for mid handicappers, Callaway’s Rogue X Graphite Irons are designed to maximise both ball speed and distance.

What makes these irons great for mid-handicappers is their Variable Face Thickness (VFT) technology which enlarges the portion of the clubface that contributes to faster ball speed. This, in turn, allows the face to flex on off-centre shots, leading to much more distance.

Compared to Rogue Standard clubs, the Callaway Rogue X Graphite Irons are:

  • Longer
  • Stronger
  • Lighter

They also feature a lower centre of gravity, allowing users to easily launch high balls for longer distances.

Furthermore, the Tungsten weighting system enables golfers to improve distance and ball speed without sacrificing control and precision. Callaway uses tungsten, a metal double the weight of steel, in order to precisely place the centre of gravity and promote optimum control.

If you’re a mid-handicapper who can’t launch his iron shots high enough, you’ll definitely benefit from the technological innovations which the Rogue X Graphite Irons boast.

3.   Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver

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Which Callaway golf driver should I buy if I want to improve my high handicap? A question which plagues many beginner and intermediate golfers for whom the length of the driver makes it difficult to achieve a steady swing, or to even consistently strike the ball off the tee.

Callaway’s Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver is the only driver to achieve the maximum score of 20 stars in Golf Digest’s 2019 Hot List, a testament to Callaway’s impressive design and engineering feat.

  • The clubface was designed using artificial intelligence in order to create a face with thousands of tiny ripples, aiding players in achieving higher ball speed.
  • Furthermore, the titanium face is heated until it becomes both tremendously strong and flexible. The highly elastic clubface which results from this design means that players having trouble with their driver shots can benefit from more feedback and better control.
  • The clubhead contains two internal titanium bars which connect the crown to the sole. This creates a stiff crown and sole, promoting greater ball speed.
  • The head shape together with the internal weighing system allow for more forgiveness than any other driver on the market while not sacrificing any distance.

This is the club which can take your high handicap game to the next level, at least from the tee. With the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver, you’ll be able to consistently hit beautiful shots into the distance.

4.   Callaway Rogue Hybrids

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One of the top Callaway golf clubs you can buy at the moment, the Callaway Rogue hybrid is ideal for beginners and intermediate players who struggle to use long irons.

Callaway’s Rogue hybrids are the first to feature Jailbreak technology, previously only seen in drivers. The design of the Rogue Hybrids places the centre of gravity much lower down the club, increasing the moment of inertia. This allows for improved accuracy and forgiveness, something which both beginners and more experienced player alike will benefit from.

The Face Cup technology will prove to be a great aid for players who struggle with their swing consistency. The face of the club is designed to deliver high distance and ball speed, especially when the player fails to catch the golf ball in the club’s sweet spot.

5.   Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Woods

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Some of the best Callaway clubs on the market right now are found within the Epic Flash fairway woods range. This is the perfect collection for those wanting to have many options to choose from in terms of golf club customisation.

The range contains seven individual clubs:

  • 3+ wood;
  • 3-wood;
  • 5-wood;
  • Heavenwood;
  • 7 wood;
  • 9 wood;
  • 11 wood.

The first five of these boast the OptiFit hosel technology patented by Callaway. This allows for the adjustment of each club’s loft by up to three degrees in half degree increments.

There are over 100 options available for those wishing to customise the clubs’ shafts. Furthermore, those wanting to modify their grip can choose from 41 grip choices, while also having the option of selecting a grip size up to 5 layers thicker than the standard one. The club length can also be adapted to your personal preference, with nine club lengths being offered apart from the standard one.

The Epic Flash fairway woods range also features Callaway’s Jailbreak bar technology for greater ball speed, something which both beginners as well as more advanced players can benefit from.

6.   Callaway XJ Hot Junior Golf Sets

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The final item on our list is dedicated to the younger golfers among us (or their parents). The Callaway XJ Hot Junior Golf Set range comes in versions for:

  • Boys (Ages 5 to 8)
  • Girls (Ages 5 to 8)
  • Boys (Ages 9 to 12)
  • Girls (Ages 9 to 12)

This Callaway golf package set is a great option for young players looking for clubs which will provide them with everything they need to keep improving their game at a consistent pace.

The set contains eight clubs:

  • One driver;
  • One 3-wood;
  • One number 5 hybrid;
  • One 7-iron;
  • One 9-iron;
  • A sand wedge;
  • A putter.

The stand bag which is included in the price of the set features a dual strap, making it easier for juniors to carry without straining their shoulders or backs.

The set is designed to give juniors a collection of clubs which allows them to play shots from anywhere. The clubs are built to the same standard as those for adults, providing players with the highest build-quality available.

If you’re still deciding whether or not to have your son or daughter learn golf, check out our post containing guidance as to what age you should introduce your child to golf

Closing Remarks:

Remember, there is no substitute for great build-quality and excellent quality control. Opting for one of the best Callaway golf clubs on this list will cost you more than purchasing a cloned club. It will, however, also improve your game tremendously and last much longer; choose wisely!

We hope you’ve found this short buyer’s guide useful and that you’re now ready to, or at least closer to being able to, decide what clubs to buy. If you want to read our very first buyer’s guide and get a feel for another big golf club manufacturing brand, check out the best Cobra golf clubs post on our blog!

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