At What Age Should I Introduce my Child to Golf?

Having a child in an exciting event in most people’s life. Every step they make and every new thing they learn brings joy to the proud parents. If you have a child and are also passionate about golf, you will have wondered when the right time is to introduce your them to the beauty of golf.

How to introduce a child to golf?

As with any sport, it’s best to start early, whether you want to go professional or not. You can introduce your child to golf just by taking them to the pitch with you and have them watch, or you could put a sports channel on when there’s a golfing tournament. This way they are aware of this sport and perhaps spark an interest in them wanting to try it as well.

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Make it fun

You have sparked their interest, but now you need to make sure your child’s desire to play golf doesn’t fade away after the first day. To do so you need to make sure the whole experience is not only to learn but also to have fun while doing so.

One way to do so is by going to crazy golf courses. Bright and colourful, your child is sure to enjoy this experience, and so are you!

Another tip is to invest in good junior golf clothing. This will help your child take golf more seriously and respect the etiquette. Plus, who doesn’t like receiving new clothes? So before hitting the golf course go shopping for some new junior clothing and footwear.

Simultaneously, it’s good to invest in some quality junior golf clubs. Choosing the right kit for your child will help them with their progress, so make sure you chose the right gear not only for your child but also for the type of golf course you are playing at. The wrong golf clubs and accessories could injure your child and put him/her off from golfing in the future.

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At what age exactly should the child be given a golf club?

There are manufacturers who make golf clubs for toddlers age 18 months to 3 years old, but The Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) states that a child should be thought the golf etiquette before stepping on the pitch. This is mostly because golf can be a dangerous game and a child that doesn’t have the appropriate level of maturity to play can hurt themselves or others.

So, the best answer to this question is: it depends on your child. If you believe they are mature enough to understand the rules at the age of 3, then that’s the appropriate age for your child to start golfing, if not don’t be afraid to wait a couple more years.

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