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TaylorMade P7MC Graphite Golf Irons - 2023 New Model

Product Code: taylormade-p7mc-graphite-golf-irons
From £1,050.00
From £1,050.00
TaylorMade P7MC Graphite Golf Irons - 2023 New Model
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Key Features

  • Designed with direct Tour input
  • Premium graphite shafts
  • Aimed at better ball strikers
  • New narrow sole/tight leading edge
  • Thin top line and progressive offset
  • Aggressive MX9 score line geometry
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This New 2023 P7MCgraphite iron set from TaylorMade look and feel out of this world. The craftsmanship and design that have gone into this set are just mind-blowing! Aesthetically speaking they couldn't be more beautiful. When the new P7MC irons are sat behind the ball they just look so inviting and confidence-inspiring.

This all-new iron set is designed with direct input from tour players to give you the looks and performance the top amateurs and professionals benefit from. Every last detail is scrutinised to meet the demands of the consistent ball striker. MC stands for muscle cavity and is a great choice for the golfer who consistently strikes the ball well but wants that little extra help.

Graphite shafts are not only appealing to look at, but they also yield higher swing speeds to generate more distance. The lighter construction will gain you a few extra yards for sure. If you crave greater yardage, graphite shafts are the way forward.

The P.7MC features a thinner top-line and progressive offset for a nice clean look at the address position to give a look better players prefer. With a narrower bottom sole and tighter leading edge, you get a consistent strike through the turf with every hit. These irons are solid when hit flush and just as forgiving when hit off-centre, you will know immediately by the feel, but distance and accuracy won’t begreatly affected.

5x forging using a 2,000-ton press gives a more compact and tighter grain structure with fewer defects. This compact grain forging gives the superb feel that needs to be hit to be appreciated. Precision is paramount to TaylorMade, so they have machined the face and grooves to give the most aggressive MX9 score line geometry. This face and groove combination is what allows you to get creative in the shot-making process. If you are talented enough to find the centre of the clubface on a regular basis this set is for you. The new P.7MC iron set is a solid choice for the solid ball striker.

  • Designed with direct Tour input.
  • Premium graphite shafts.
  • Aimed at better ball strikers.
  • New narrow sole/tight leading edge.
  • Thin top line and progressive offset.
  • Aggressive MX9 score line geometry.
  • 1025carbon steel body.
  • 5 X Forged carbon steel.
  • Premium graphite shafts.
  • Golf Pride Z-Grip (52g) 0.580 in grey/black.
  • Available for both right/left handed golfers.