Golfsupport Partner Solution.

Can you imagine Guaranteeing your customers Europe's lowest prices?

Can you imagine selling products and making margins from the array of accounts held by Golfsupport?

Can you imagine selling on-line 24/7?

Enjoy a stock turn of "7-10 " not the industry average of 2.1

Sound Good? Look No Further its here!

Here at Golfsupport we recognise the difficulties faced by Golf professionals and Golf clubs trying to compete with the internet. The Managing Director, A PGA Advanced Professional has had many years experience on both sides of the fence. A Club Professional, A Teaching Professional and now an Internet Retailer. This experience has helped him along with his team create a simple formula to help any Professional or Golf Club thrive in this difficult market place.

70,000 square foot warehouse.


  If you answer YES to any or all of the following then you need to read on and then arrange a meeting with us to discuss this opportunity.

1 - Do your members shop online without giving you the opportunity to at least match the price ?

2 - Do you think you are under achieving with your sales targets ?

3 - Do you wish you had more manufacturer accounts ?

4 - Do you want more time for Teaching or for personal reasons ?

5 - Do you want to make more money ?

Here are some of the advantages we offer by partnering with Golfsupport. There are many more which can be explained however these will show you just how our current trade accounts are already successful in a difficult marketplace.

•Golf shops are traditionally looked upon as expensive with customers walking in and out without even browsing or worse still those that do browse use your shop to establish exactly what they require and then buy on-line. When you partner with us here at Golfsupport we help you to re-brand your shop making it very obvious that we are working together to guarantee your customers Europe’s lowest prices through our “price beat + promise”. The biggest benefit is your new shop opening hours, you now have a shop that is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


•Selling at Golfsupport prices returns an average margin which competes with industry standards but is often better due to our buying tactics.

•Commitments to pre book – No meetings needed with reps unless you want to. Golfsupport will handle your commitment levels for you in certain circumstances. "In accordance with certain manufacturers terms of trade, authorisation will be required before supply and may be rejected" . This equates to far less risk of unwanted excess stock at the end of the year.

•Voucher sales - Our trade accounts often use this option for their Open Competitions. We supply on-line vouchers for you to give as prizes to competition winners. You can buy Golfsupport vouchers giving you a 15% margin on all voucher sales, ideal for Open Competition winners who live further afield.

•Embroidery - We are able to crest any item for you with our local embroiderer, there is a one off embroidery set up charge and then a price per garment thereafter.

•Trade accounts can log into our site and view selling prices but can also see cost prices of authorised manufacturers and current stock levels in our warehouse. This is very helpful if you have a customer that requires something next day..

•Placing an order is simple, you login and then the process is the same as an online order apart from when you get to basket you are simply asked to confirm the order. We then take care of the rest.

•Central invoicing – Our accounts team will invoice direct to you as orders are dispatched and credits from internet sales will be created at the end of each month keeping the accounts process very simple. Official Price lists will be provided upon request.

•Order updates –Our order updates are sent direct to you for shop orders and direct to your customer for internet orders, this system has been fine-tuned over the last few years to the point where our communication is one of the most referenced topics in our Trustpilot reviews

•Returns – We have a dedicated returns department and so all returns are dealt with “in house”

  • E blasts - We have an in house team who create email blasts which will be sent to your clients at your request. We do all the donkey work and advertise your business and promotions for you.
  • In depth monthly or annual reports. In the modern world of retail you really should know what your bests sellers are. This will assist with future buying. We hold all of your sales history therefore we are able to provide you with detailed reports of sales for each category.
  • Our Foremost concern is to enhance your profits and enjoy the benefits of partnering Golfsupport.
  • For further details or to arrange a meeting please email with title "Trade account enquiry" to:

    John Lines

    PGA Advanced Professional

    email: [email protected]


    Richard Reed - Head Professional at Glen Gorse Golf Club, Leicester

    In March 2013 I was about to set out on my journey as a head professional leaving behind the comfort of being an assistant with a head professional making all the decisions.

    When you take this first step your head is full of, should I? could I? and what ifs? It’s very natural to have reservations but the one thing you are really trying to do is make your mark and prove to the club giving you your first opportunity that they made the right decision.

    The biggest issue I seen as an assistant was how difficult it was for a small professional shop to compete with the big internet retailers. Although we could match them for customer care and service we never had the buying relationships to offer diversity. It was in looking for a solution to this problem that I found the option to become a Golfsupport trade account. At first I was sceptical as it sounded too good to be true, no more pre-books with manufacturers, guaranteed lowest prices and access to all stock in the Golfsupport warehouse. The first meeting didn’t take long and after 30 minutes or so I was hooked and signed the agreement the following week. I now stock lines from all the major manufacturers and can guarantee my members the lowest prices through the Golfsupport Price Beat + policy. In addition to this I am earning a good margin on sales and can say that 2 ½ years down the line my sales are going from strength to strength. Invoicing couldn’t be easier I place my orders on-line as you would, the goods are delivered to me next day and I receive one invoice per month listing all items that I have received. If there are any returns this process is reversed and I receive a credit on my next invoice. A huge part of getting members to buy into this process is having the right signage (Golfsupport will supply) and the support offered from their team in lines to stock, where the best margins are and where best to display top sellers.

    In conclusion, my Golfsupport trade account allows me to spend little time worrying about what stock to hold and makes invoicing simple. This extra time allows me to indulge in the area of golf where I have a passion in building my reputation as a tutor and custom club fitter.

    Richard during 2017 enjoyed a stock turn of " 11 ". This compared to an industry average of 2.1 is testimony to the formula and you to could enjoy such benefits 

    What does this mean in simple terms, Hold less stock but make more sales. 

    We take your risk !