Custom Fit Golf Clubs Explained

Golfsupport is an Authorised stockist of all major Golf equipment brands


Our state of the art Custom club fitting centre carries demo carts and fitting equipment from all of the above brands, and more to assist you make the right choices for your game satisfaction.

Our highly trained PGA Professional and Custom Club fitter Kevin Crossland is available for in store fittings at our Flagship Club fitting centre and golf shop in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire or expert advice by telephone.

The In-store Club Fitting Experience

A member of our team will greet you, and make you feel totally at home. An informal chat will start the proceedings and then a few warm up shots. Every step of the way our Club fitter will talk you through what the readings are showing, to make sure you understand EXACTLY what is been determined by the launch monitor. After your fitting you will receive an explanation of our findings so you can understand exactly what has happened. There is no obligation to purchase.

What separates Golfsupport from the rest?

Our Staff at Golfsupport are not commission based unlike other well known stores and other competitors. This means a totally unbiased professional recommendation on which golf clubs suit each individual. Our fitter has had nearly 20 years experience club fitting and is continually visiting our top manufacturers to brush up on the most up to date techniques.

We will not be beaten on price! If you have seen a price advertised anywhere else and it is a current line item, WE WILL BEAT IT ensuring not only a highly professional service but at the right price too.

The Facts

Custom fitting will benefit everyone

Custom fit golf clubs are not necessarily more expensive

If a sales assistant recommends that a particular golf club is a good one for you without been tested on a launch monitor, ITS A SALES PITCH – WALK AWAY!

The Requirements

A highly qualified individual to assess your swing who is non-commission based therefore unbiased.

Golf Simulator with Launch monitor technology

Golf balls used by yourself (range balls do not perform in the same way and readings are inaccurate)

Your own current clubs (7 iron, Driver) – Without these we are unable to asses if new clubs are of benefit. If you are a beginner then this is not necessary.

You need to keep an open mind. As we are independent and offer all brands we cannot possibly tell you that one brand is better than another. Keep this in mind as you may get a nice surprise if a cheaper club out performs your pre-desired selection

About Our Launch Monitor

GC2 Smart Camera System

The GC2 Smart Camera System, is next generation technology for golf simulation and ball flight analysis . Delivering unmatched performance as a launch monitor, training tool, and simulator in a single, ultra portable device, the GC2 breaks the barriers of accuracy, versatility, mobility and price.

At the heart of the GC2 is a stereoscopic camera system that precisely captures and analyses ball flight at the most critical point of measurement – club impact – and delivers the most accurate values of ball velocity, launch angle, azimuth, back spin, side spin and total spin available today.

The GC2 works by capturing and analyzing golf ball flight characteristics at the most critical point of measurement, club head impact and launch. The GC2 delivers the most accurate and most relevant values of performance available today.
Used in National Custom Fit Centres by the Leading Golf manufactures including Ping, TaylorMade, Titleist, Cobra, Cleveland and over 3 dozen touring Professionals, including six of the top ten players in the world the GC2 is the most trusted & advanced technology in golf custom club fitting.

92% of golfers custom fit with a GC2 launch monitor realise immediate benefit after buying new clubs.

The numbers don't lie - a professional fitting with the GC2 can make all the difference in taking your game to the next level.

If you're ready to drive your game forward, call 01623 421965 or talk to our staff in store, and book a fitting today.

Mizuno Custom Fit

We offer full custom fitting for all Mizuno hardware. Using the latest swing DNA our PGA qualified Professional can help you find the very best Mizuno club to suit your ability. (Below is a little more information about the Swing DNA)

Shop Mizuno Custom Fit Here

Swing DNA - What's the blueprint?

Mizuno has developed a cutting edge technology that takes shaft fitting to a whole new level. In creating Swing DNA a unique system that identifies the unique blueprint in every swing-Mizuno has addressed the most critical element of the entire custom fitting process.

Specially-created software sifts through the mass of shaft options to select the optimal match, based on Swing DNA recorded by Mizuno’s Shaft Optimiser. What was once a time-consuming and inaccurate process is now one that is immediate, consistent and widely available.

Callaway Custom Fit

Our Fully Qualified Callaway trained custom fit expert can fit Callaway drivers, fairways, rescues, irons and wedges .We are an official Callaway I-Mix and OptiFit Fitting Centre. The I-Mix technology gives you the ultimate advantage in driver flexibility while OptiFit clubs replicate in every way the look, feel and performance of the finished club so that you can test the club that you will be purchasing.

Shop Callaway Custom Fit Here

Titleist Custom Fit

The Titleist SureFit system is used during the fitting process to maximise the number of custom fit options available with an array of shaft options across all ranges of Titleist hardware.

Shop Titleist Custom Fit Here

Cobra Custom Fit

Get ‘Fit to Speed’ at Golfsupport with our premier fitting centre for all Cobra drivers, fairways, rescues and irons. The Cobra Fitting system provides a wide variety of options to ensure every club in your bag is the right club for your game.

Shop Cobra Custom Fit Here

Wilson Custom Fit

Shop Wilson Custom Fit Here

Well priced, quality manufacture, distance, control, easy to use, are all phrases that spring to mind when we talk about Wilson and the custom fit opportunities available to all golfers.

TaylorMade Custom Fit

Shop TaylorMade at Golfsupport

Here at Golfsupport we use the TaylorMade SelectFit System that allows our P.G.A Qualified custom fitters to quickly and easily experiment with different shafts and head combinations so that you can try the head and shaft of the club that is the best fit for you.

  1. Grip size- when choosing a grip it is important that you have a grip that is the correct size. If the grip is too small for your hands then you will naturally squeeze the grip tighter. This will cause tension in the forearms, upper arms and shoulders. If the grip is to big you will not be able to apply the correct amount of pressure to be able to control the club head and it will be very difficult to rotate the club head in to the correct position through impact. A grip too thin can result in over hooking and a grip too fat can result in slicing.
  2. Lie angle- at the point of impact the club head will make contact with the ground. It is important that the club head hits directly in the centre. If it strikes the toe or the heel of the club then the club head position will alter. This can lead to shots being offline. Tests have shown that if the lie is only one degree out the ball can be offline by up to 10 yards.
  3. Once we have determined the correct measurements of your golf club we can move into the more technical aspect of matching a shaft and head type that will improve your game. There are many aspects to consider and our fitter will by now have already identified a guideline of required shaft flexes from your initial data. This is where his expertise will shine and by matching a different head with a different shaft you will see for yourself the exact improvements on the screen before you.

The data on the screen is measuring required information to determine the correct club for the individual. This data includes:

Club head speed

Ball speed

Launch angle

Angle of descent

Clubface angle/side spin

Swing path

You will now have tried several different shafts and heads and the averages will be on the screen before you.

You can now make a fully informed and accurate decision about which golf club is tailor made to your golf swing.

When purchasing from please remember that this highly professional Custom golf club fitting service is

£50 for a Custom Fit with £20 back if you purchase from us.

A customer testimonial

Ball Fitting “What an Experience”

I had been coerced into having a ball fitting by one of my golfing buddies “Book a fitting it’s unbelievable, only £15 “he was constantly saying. Eventually I gave in Phoned Richard at Golfsupport and booked my appointment for yesterday morning. On arrival I handed over my £15 and entered the state of the art simulator with a screen as big as the side of a house. Even with all this technology I found myself still very much sceptical as to how much difference a ball could make to my game, and also pretty sure that having played off a handicap of 4 I already had the ideal ball in my bag (TaylorMade TP Red). Richard arrived introduced himself, asked various questions about my game, ball flight etc and advised me to warm up hitting a few balls in the simulator. Once loosened up Richard explained that a Vector launch monitor would be used in conjunction with the simulator to analyse ball flight, spin, launch angle, carry, total distance and many more criteria way beyond my comprehension in order to find my perfect ball.

We started with my ball of choice, a TP red hit 5 shots and then reviewed the results, reasonable carry, acceptable total distance and straight all five landing around the middle of the fairway, I was sure at this point that I was going to be only the second player ever that Richard had fitted and had ended up with the ball they started with. On we went through half a dozen other balls and amazingly with each change Richard made either a little more carry, increased back spin or better launch angle seemed to be gained with each new ball (the sceptic in me was sure these increases were due to me getting more into the groove rather than the change of ball) after 45 minutes Richard arrived at a conclusion, the ideal ball for me was the Bridgestone RX giving me an additional 9 yards of carry and in total going an extra 21 yards off the tee. “Before we finish Richard I would like to hit a couple of shots with the TP red” in my own mind I had to know whether the sceptic in me was right, 3 shots later I was at the counter buying a dozen Bridgestone RX golf balls.

I can’t believe that changing to the correct ball has added over 20 yards to my tee shots, which in turn will mean I will be playing 1 to 2 irons less for my approach shots into greens.

I write this in the hope that others can learn not to be as sceptical as I was about a new way of improving your golf for less than the cost of a sleeve of balls, add to this the offer that if you don’t see improvement they will give you your money back then what are you waiting for ?

As my golfing pal said, "Book a fitting, it’s unbelievable, only £15”

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