Champ Zarma Golf Spikes

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Champ Zarma Golf Spikes use advanced polymer with lotus technology for the ultimate grip and comfort. Champ has used their prior knowledge of new technology to produce this innovative soft spike to be used on all terrains in all weathers to make sure you have the perfect grip every time you go out and play. This unique design incorporates three layers built into one, a cushion, a durable traction and a rigid layer to complete with compression to reduce spike pressure.

Champ Zarma Tour Golf Spikes - Slim Lok System

  • Please Note Colours may vary
  • Made from three materials
  • Advanced Polymer
  • Please Note: Colours vary per pack and may not include the colours
  • New Slim-Fast Twist Option Now available (Please note, Slim-Lok will fit all Fastwist and Tri-Lok shoes)

Champ Zarma Golf Spike Specifications

Spike Type:Fast Twist
Product Code:STZAS