Titleist T150 Graphite Golf Irons

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When Titleist release their latest iron sets, both professional and amateur golfers alike sit up and take notice. These Titleist T150 graphite shaft irons are the company’s first T Series irons for more than 2 years and of course come with improvements, enhanced feel throughout and a cleaner more polished look to them. These are graphite shafted irons, giving a lightweight construction to each iron for faster swing speeds. This in turn produces greater yardages with every club in the set. The aesthetics are also sublime, giving a look any golfer would be proud to own.

This modern Tour iron offers all the playability and refinement for precision golf. The refinements found in these T150's are the labour of thousands of hours of research and development, making it the #1 Iron model on professional tours. The Titleist approach to fitting is built on three dimensions of iron play, this is distance, dispersion and decent angle – the 3 D’s. Titleist find the optimal balance of all three to give you ultimate playability. These maximise carry distance with a 5 mph gap in ball speed between all the clubs in the set. By carefully analysing left and right dispersion, these T150s will keep you closer to your target than ever before. Stopping power on the greens is of course the key to greater scoring, the optimal descent angle for every iron is achieved with this 2023 T150 set.

The T150 is a forged player’s distance iron set, designed on the T100 platform but engineered to be faster and longer. This is the fastest iron set in the Titleist T line-up. This model comes with confidence-inspiring shaping and improved forgiveness, not to mention a more polished look to give a beautiful finish. The T150 is everything players love about the T100, only more.

With a fully forged feel and a more versatile sole design, it looks and plays exactly as you would expect it to. By working with Titleist's Tour players who are more accustomed to feeling the perfect turf interaction. The slightly larger shape (compared to the T100) provides confidence and forgiveness. The set shows a compact and tour-inspired look better players crave, setting the player up for winning iron play. The fully forged feel and precise flighting come from 2-degree stronger lofts.

The refined muscle channel in these T150s sits close to the face to create a more solid feel with every hit. A new CNC milling process allows exact tolerances and eradicates surface imperfections. The variable bounce sole softens the trailing edge to allow each club to flow faster through the turf.

Employing dense D18 Tungsten weights, and a 2000º brazing process used in aerospace construction, Titleist's engineers were able to eliminate weld points and be even more precise with Centre of Gravity placement. Coupled with the fully forged dual cavity T100 cavity construction, players get modern engineered performance allied with a solid forged design. The 2023 T150's will give precision control and unrivalled feel that we have come to expect from Titleist.

  • Graphite shafted set.
  • Fully forged design.
  • The fastest iron set in the T line-up.
  • 2023 cleaner design/polished look.
  • Enhanced feel throughout.
  • Precise flighting from 2-degree stronger lofts.
  • Variable bounce design.
  • D18 Tungsten weights & 2000º brazing process.
  • Premium True Temper Graphite shafts.
  • Golf Pride Tour velvet 360 grips.
  • Full-custom options. 

Titleist T150 Graphite Golf Irons Specifications

Head Material:Stainless Steel
Head Size:Compact/Tour-Inspired
Iron Back:Tour Multi-Channel Back
Iron Construction:Stainless Steel With Tungsten Weights
Face:CNC Milled Stainless Steel
Shaft Type:Graphite
Warranty1 Year