Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedges

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How do you improve on the best? That was the challenge set by Titleist when they introduced their SM8 Vokey wedges, after having so much success with their best selling SM7 Vokey wedges. The research and development team at Titleist headed by Bob Vokey have worked extremely hard to make those fine adjustments that give you that edge around the green. With the new SM8's, they have done it again.

The centre of gravity (CG) has been pushed forward of the face on the new wedges. This gives an improved progressive CG which maintains the vertical CG whilst improving the depth giving tremendous feel and an extremely stable and solid impact. This all factored in, allows you to dial into the flag with more confidence.

The SM stands for 'Spin Milled' with spin control being vital for accuracy and distance control. The face and grooves on each and every SM8 wedge are inspected to ensure that it delivers exactly what you expect it to, precision and quality. These wedges are designed to give you maximum spin with the margins even tighter than previous models. Have the ball dancing around the pin to give you more of those shorter birdie or clutch par putts.

The Vokey SM8 is available in 6 different grinds so there is plenty of options available to you.

F-grind is an all-purpose grind which is made for full wedge shots into the green. These are ideal for golfers who play with a square face and prefer a traditional wedge sole. Available in 46/48/50/52/54 degree loft.

M-grind is built for versatility. For those golfers who like to open or close the club face around the green and have a shallower swing type playing shots with the club face in different positions. This grind is available in 56/58/60/62 degree loft.

S-grind has a full sole narrowed by a trailing edge grind. This makes the club feel that it is travelling through the turf quicker. This grind benefits playing in firm conditions and for players who play with lots of feel with their hands. 54/56/58/60 degree loft available.

D-grind is a high bounce wedge. It is a forgiving and versatile grind, ideal for players with a steeper angle of attack who like to play shots with the club face being in different positions. This grind is available in 54/56/58/60 degree loft.

L-grind has the lowest bounce option to give the most versatility around the green. This is ideal for dry and firm conditions where the golfer is a skilled player, peppering the pin from close range. This grind is available in 60-degree loft.

K-grind gives the highest bounce of the range. It is a great grind to use with its wide, full sole making it extremely forgiving particularly from the bunker, but also from the turf. This grind is available in 58/60 loft options.

As you would expect from Titleist, the finish on each wedge is pristine. You have the choice of three different finishes to suit your eye. You can have the Tour Chrome finish which is highly polished and very hard-wearing and durable, the Brushed Steel finish which has a black nickel brushed appearance or the raw Jet Black finish. Whichever you choose, you know you will be in possession of a top, top quality wedge that will serve you extremely well.

The stock shaft for the SM8's is the True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 shaft and is fitted with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. However, Titleist offers the option to customise the shaft with a large choice of shafts available. There is a charge for a customised shaft.

As you can see there are lots of options available and it is highly recommended that you have a customised fitting even if you decide to go for the stock shaft. The choice of different grinds can be daunting. Our Titleist approved PGA professional is authorised to custom fit and will ensure you get the right fit for you. Contact us here at Golfsupport and we will be only too happy to help.

Introducing the stunning and all-new Slate Blue finish SM8 Wedge for 2021. This premium finish not only looks phenomenal, it is also highly durable, the new process used ensures the finish stays newer for longer. This lovely new addition is sure to be popular with golfers of every age and skill level. The rich slate blue finish was first introduced on the SM7's and stole the show, receiving rave reviews all across the board. The reviews and feedback dictated that the slate blue needed to be added to the SM8 Range. The stock shaft for the new Slate Blue SM8 is the True Temper Wedge Flex shaft and is fitted with an eye-catching Blue/White/Black Golf Pride grip with the BV (Bob Vokey) wings on display down the front. A new premium finish for the number 1 wedge on Tour.

  • Relocated CG
  • Great feel
  • Increased stability
  • Choice of 6 grinds
  • Choice of 3 finishes

This year Vokey have introduced 9 more colours in their stamping options that we have never offered before, making a total of 12 colours which can be seen below: