TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Chrome Wedges

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TaylorMade is of course a name we all love and trust, we never think twice about buying any golf equipment from this respected manufacturer. The TaylorMade High-Toe 3 Chrome Wedges are designed for ultimate versatility and imagination, and as we all know as golfers these are the key aspects to getting closer to the pin for a chance of that desired one putt. This wedge is the most versatile offering from TaylorMade ever! Performance across all lies and playing conditions. One club for all the shots needed from close range.

These gorgeous TaylorMade High-Toe 3 Chrome Wedges are engineered to create better spin and launch results. The High Toe construction is taller in the toe (66mm) and designed for lower launch. The full-length scoring lines in the mid-to-higher lofts create higher spin when the face is opened up. Added weight in the toe pad area helps move the centre of gravity closer to the middle of the face for improved launch and spin together with a premium feel.

The new chrome finish gives that traditional look and provides high durability as you would expect from this high-quality TaylorMade wedge. The machine milling process gives exacting tolerance levels for maximised spin anywhere on the face. The raised raw micro-ribs in between the full grooves add texture to the face and come into their own on partial shots where spin is harder to achieve. The larger ZTP RAW grooves feature the tour-proven Radii for optimal spin in varying conditions.

Multiple sole options include standard, low and high bounce, with each option optimised for tuft interaction. The loft comes in increments of 2 degrees in the standard bounce, starting at 50º and finishing at 60º. The shaft is the KBS (Kim Braly Signature) Hi-Rev 2.0 115 and is matched with the Lamkin Crossline 360 grip.

  • Milled to exacting tolerance levels.
  • Higher toe construction.
  • New high-quality Chrome Finish.
  • Full-length scoring lines in the mid-to-higher lofts.
  • ZTP RAW main grooves.
  • Raised raw micro-ribs in between the full grooves.
  • Choice of lofts between 50º and 60º.
  • Multiple sole options: Standard/low/high bounce.
  • KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 115 shaft.
  • Lamkin Crossline 360 grip.
  • All options come in right & left hand. 

TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Chrome Wedges Specifications

Head Material:Stainless Steel
Shaft Type:KBS High-Rev 2.0 115 Wedge Flex
Sole:Multiple Loft & Bounce Options Available
Groove Type:ZTP RAW Main Grooves/Raised RAW Micro Grooves
Warranty:1 Year